In Athens, a hand grenade was thrown at a police booth at the Russian consulate


ATHENS, March 22 – RIA News. In Athens, an explosive device was thrown into a police box near the Russian consulate, the embassy reported to Ria Novosti.

The incident occurred at about 3:30 am (4:30 am Moscow time). The grenade was thrown by two strangers who were driving on a motorcycle.

No one was injured in the accident, said a source at a police agency.

"Less material damage. <...> The competent authorities of Greece are investigating ", added the interlocutor of the agency.

The consular department of the Russian Embassy is located in the district of Chalandri, in the north of Athens. Now the area near the consulate is bounded by the police.

In November 2016, a similar incident occurred near the French Embassy, ​​located in front of the Greek Parliament, in a particularly protected area of ​​Athens. On the night of 10 November, two unidentified men driving a motorcycle threw a grenade into the police cabin and fled. The anarchist "organization of revolutionary self-defense" assumed responsibility.

In recent years in Greece, attacks on diplomatic missions take place regularly. In addition to major emergencies, dozens of actions have been recorded against embassies and anarchist invasions in their territory, performed almost with impunity.



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