In Austria, the surgeon amputates the patient’s wrong leg

In Austria, a doctor was found guilty of negligence in amputating the wrong leg of an 82-year-old patient. The surgeon was fined € 2,700 for this mistake.

The 43-year-old surgeon said the amputation of the wrong leg was a “human error”, but the judge found the doctors guilty of negligence and fined her 2,700 euros, foreign media told The Guardian.

The surgeon had marked the leg to be amputated as early as May this year, but only two days after the operation of the 82-year-old patient, she realized the mistake had been made.

The patient who underwent the operation unfortunately did not wait for trial and died shortly after the operation. The court awarded the patient’s wife € 5,000 in pain money.

The accused surgeon stated that there was a defect in the control circuit in the operating room. She has started working in another clinic since the accident and has the right to appeal against the court’s decision.


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