In Baltimore, three houses collapsed after a gas explosion. At least one dead

Rescuers said the only confirmed victim so far is a woman. They added that several people were probably trapped under the rubble.

A gas explosion demolished three houses. Witnesses told WJZ that in addition to the loud explosion, the earth could shake. The blast damaged homes in northwestern Baltimore.

“I heard a huge blow. I thought a car crashed, but then I saw debris appearing instead of home, ”a woman told the reporter.

“It sounded like a bomb blast, which the media regularly informs you about. I felt like I had experienced it first hand, ”said WJZ Dean Jones, who ran out of his own house so fast that he didn’t even deal with shoes.

When he got to the scene, he heard a call for help. “I never want to start again, there were debris everywhere, broken glass, power lines,” he said.

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