"In bodybuilding, what rules is discipline"

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The competition premiere of Victor Mora (Madrid, 1999) could not have been more successful. Not in vain, he proclaimed himself the winner of the AMCFF 2023 Total Activity Promises Trophy in the category Classic Bodybuilding. That is, a category in which the athlete’s weight must be proportionate to his height according to pre-established formulas. And in which, therefore, the competitors present a perhaps somewhat more harmonious appearance compared to the image of bodybuilders that practically the vast majority of us have in mind.

«In Classic Bodybuilding we look for a more aesthetic body, with proportions very similar to what I have, which basically means having a very thin waist and a lot of clavicular width. It’s a bit where my physique fits in and, also, having that weight limitation, the athletes you compete against are not going to be exactly big and that is something that suits me now, because I have a fairly low weight and I am quite small. , he confesses. However, of course, he doesn’t want to set limits. This is demonstrated with some of the images that he shares through his Instagram account, @vizormora. «Every bodybuilder seeks to be as big as possible. In the end, there comes a point where, if you are in a category in which your weight is limited, you will not achieve that goal, which is to grow. I am quite clear that, the moment I go beyond that maximum weight, I will move to the main category », he points out.

Not in vain, in this sport it is the competitor himself, always advised by his coaches, who decides in which category he will compete. «You can even compete in more than one. Simply, what you have to do is pay the corresponding registration in each of them,” says Víctor Mora, who also wants to highlight that aesthetics is not only limited to the Classic Bodybuilding category: “There are very large bodies that compete in the VIP category. which are also very aesthetic. In the end, it is still something that depends on genetics: You are born with characteristics of aesthetic patterns and you cannot change that. If you have a thin waist, you will always have it that way and if you have a wide waist, you can’t make it thin either. There are very massive bodybuilders who are also very aesthetic.

There is a very widespread myth among laymen: bodybuilding requires marathon days in the gym. And it’s not true. «I train five days a week. It is a routine focused purely on Muscular hypertrophy. It is about doing very intense training, with the maximum possible weight, with good technique. My workouts last an hour or an hour and a half at most. People think that we spend four or five hours in the gym, and that’s not the case,” he explains. «In bodybuilding, what rules is discipline. Many people are motivated by motivation, and that sometimes comes and goes. Without discipline, you are not going to get things done,” he points out. Discipline that extends, of course, to all areas. «At the food level, I have a closed diet. With every meal I make, I weigh the food before cooking it. Everything is very measured, I have all my meals scheduled throughout the day, from the first to the last, but it is true that once or twice a week, when I am out of season and I am not going to compete, I allow myself to go away. to have dinner out there with my girl or my friends and eat a hamburger or whatever I want,” he says.

How far do you want to go? He doesn’t set limits. The only one, perhaps, is age. «I want to go as far as my body, my health and my genetics allow me.. At the age level, it depends on how much you value your health. In this sport you can compete until you are 70 years old, there are athletes who continue competing at that age. Few, but there are them. I think that, in my case, the best thing would be to reach 40 or 42 years of age. This sport involves a lot of wear and tear and injuries, whether you like it or not, sooner or later they come,” he highlights. Bodybuilding requires a lot of discipline and pain is a very common companion, but he does not consider it a sacrifice at all. «When someone decides to do something on his own, he is not sacrificing himself, the worker is sacrificing himself, who gets up at five in the morning to go to work and feed his family. Being able to do the sport that I like is hard, but in no case do I consider it a sacrifice. Quite the opposite. For me, it is a privilege », he says.

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