In Bordeaux, Mélenchon aspires to be "recovered" from "yellow jackets"


Jean-Luc Mélenchon reiterated on Saturday his request for the dissolution of the Assembly, at the end of the fourth act of mobilization, convinced that his program is close enough to the claims of "yellow jackets" to offer him a new breath after difficult weeks.

"We have to return to the people, we have to dissolve," the Insoumis leader thundered before the LFI convention in Bordeaux, Insuban maintained despite the "context, stronger than the text," said Mélenchon.

"Three quarters of the claims of the yellow jackets are in our program," said Jean-Luc Mélenchon in reference to a document designed by several spokesmen for this movement resistant to any classification on the political chessboard.

He listed the proposals including SMIC to € 1,300 net, the increase in the number of tax brackets, the largest corporate taxation and the increase in small pensions.

"Our goal is not to recover, but to be recovered, and I have the honor to tell you that it has been done," said the leader not rooted in hundreds of activists gathered at the Bordeaux exhibition site.

He notes, however, that "it is essential that it does not belong to anyone, that a recovery is a gimmick of the movement that would be reduced to this or that political space".

– Support too obvious? –

"We are on the edge of the razor", they judge insubordinate on condition of anonymity, denouncing some practices that are too evident in the field, such as wearing the yellow jacket by some LFI MPs on Saturday. Others insist on the victories of the extreme right in other recent political crises in Europe.

In the Somme, the "yellow jackets" of Flixecourt took Saturday, in the name of "political independence", their distance with the deputy LFI François Ruffin, who until then had posted on their side.

In his constituency, the deputy "Insoumis" had repeatedly shown the side of the demonstrators, including the will to serve as a "bridge" between the movement and Paris.

François Ruffin "gave us a very honest support, but we did not want to be recovered from the media and politically, we claim full political independence, although, of course, we all have a political color," explained Christophe Ledoux, one of the leader of the Flixecourt movement, confirming the information of Courrier Picard.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon pushes his advantage further over the movement of "yellow jackets", which the recent period has been difficult for LFI, shaken by a wave of departure managers who denounce the lack of internal democracy. And after his own rage for research, which sealed his popularity in the polls.

"At a time like the yellow jackets, we do not want to say anything bad about this or that," said a deputy, noting the exception.

"Since the yellow jackets have published their statements, they are galvanized," says Arnaud, a 31-year-old lawyer from Paris, who wears a waistcoat with the "Stop Macron" sticker. "Yet at the beginning I feared the potential Poujadism of the movement".

"There is no new breath, but confirmation of a diagnosis", welcomes Gabriel Amard, candidate for European elections and son-in-law of Jean-Luc Mélenchon. "We are comforted, the country is about to decide," he says, although he recognizes that an outlet for the "yellow gilet" movement for the unsuspecting is not taken for granted. At least, he adds, "not at this stage".


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