In Bourges, "yellow vests" en masse far from the Parisian tensions –


"We're on the straw!" With over 6,000 people from all over France, Bourges has become a new epicenter of the protest against "yellow jackets" on Saturday, an unprecedented mobilization enamelled with some incidents.

According to the prefecture, in Bourges there is "little damage" and 11 people were injured including two CRS.

Unpredictable participation and security forces on alert with long lines of police vans at the entrance to the center: Bourges wakes up under heavy surveillance on Saturday morning.

While police sources expect 2,000 to 3,000 people, they are 6,300 in the middle of the afternoon, according to Cher's prefecture, to demonstrate in the "center of France" in response to a national call launched on Facebook. Among these, two spokesmen of "yellow jackets", Priscilla Ludosky and Maxime Nicolle, aka "Fly Rider", who declaimed before the event a revised version of the speech by Martin Luther King: "I have a dream: that this Sweet France is united to live the values ​​it supports: freedom, equality, fraternity ".

"Despite Macron", "Macron clear", "France angry", we can read about the protesters' cartels.

"Vercingetorige", 74 years old, disguised as a Gallic and "long refractory", says he came for the old. "I live with 1,200 euros a month, my wool sock disappears every day with taxes, we are put on straw", said this retired archaeologist.

The procession, starting from Place Séraucourt, divided into two around 2:00 pm. More than 5,000 protesters still use the official route, followed by 400 CGT activists.

But another group scares the forbidden from 14:00 and goes to the center. They are more than 600 and face the police several times, exchanging various projectiles against tear gas canisters and shots of defense ball throwers (LBD) in the shopping streets of the old town, banned from any demonstration by the prefecture. Clashes, however, far from the shocked images of the Paris demonstrations, with only a hit window, found journalists from the AFP.

In the "official" procession around the city, the good-natured atmosphere is overwhelmed by a small group of protesters who repeatedly try to contact the police, causing tear gas grenades. an AFP journalist.

Shortly after 6:00 pm the last demonstrators, having returned to Seraucourt, were dispersed by the police, he discovered AFP. According to the prefecture, in Bourges there is "little damage" and 11 people were injured including two CRS. He also declares that 19 people were arrested on Saturday, including 15 preventively and that 410 policemen have been mobilized and 250 gendarmes.

– "The switches are not us" –

On Friday, the city had prepared for the worst. Public buildings and gardens were closed by the town hall and companies and banks protected the wood-paneled windows.

From 09:00 the first "yellow jackets" have invested the place Séraucourt, their official meeting point, with stalls of coffee and brioche for newcomers, and notebooks of complaints made available.

"Bourges allows everyone to travel less," believes Carole Rigobert, 59, a carer who traveled 300 km from the Jura with her husband.

"Macron ads are crumbs paid by taxpayers – it's about making efforts, but it's up to them – there's so much abuse of privilege among elected officials – Macron, Griveaux, Castaner, they have to stop putting the oil on fire, the wreckers are not us, "this woman cowardly. "For a long time, power has acquired social peace, but today it's over, people are rebelling," explains her husband Pascal, 57, a municipal employee, 1,450 euros a month.

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