In Brussels, 70% of the adult population are now vaccinated: 25,400 doses given in one week

The threshold of 70% of the Brussels population aged 18 and over who has been fully vaccinated was crossed last week, said on Tuesday the Covid manager of the Common Community Commission, Inge Neven, during a weekly update of the health situation in Brussels.

According to Neven, some 25,400 doses of vaccines have been administered in the capital over the past week, including 6,100 first doses, 7,700 second and 11,600 booster doses.

In total, 70% of the adult Brussels population is fully vaccinated (72% in the first dose). This concerns 57% of the entire population of the capital (59% in the first dose) Regarding the third dose, the vaccination of nursing staff is in progress. This has been the case in nursing (and care) homes for two weeks.

The summons for the third vaccination were sent Monday to 16,000 people in frontline health services. At the epidemiological level, the number of positive cases continues to increase, but less strongly than elsewhere in the country. Evidenced by the positivity rate of the tests; 10.3% in Brussels, against 15.4% on average in Belgium.

The number of people in intensive care is 90 (60 a few weeks ago). According to Inge Neven, during the previous wave, with comparable contamination figures, the number of hospitalizations was higher, under a regime of stricter measures. This demonstrates, if necessary, the beneficial effect of vaccination at the collective level.

The virus reproduction rate in Brussels is 1.2, which means that an infected person transmits the virus to an average of 1.2 people. The incidence rate of the pandemic over the past two weeks is 989 per 100,000 population.

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The greatest number of infections is observed in the population aged 20 to 49 years. The head of CoCom’s Covid cell finally indicated that the bicommunity institution continued to manage volumes well in terms of tracing: 11,000 PLF were processed last week, of which 80,000 were contacted; as well as 4,600 cases of contacts at high risk of contamination, 89% of which were contacted by telephone.

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