In Brussels, some unemployed people sometimes have to wait several months before receiving their benefits: the CSC reacts

The CSC Brussels has been accumulating delays in the payment of unemployment benefits for months. Despite files in order, some unemployed people sometimes have to wait several months to be compensated, reports La Libre Belgique on Saturday.

The management of the CSC recognizes delays, both in the processing of files and in the payment of allowances. “We do not have exact figures to communicate but we have launched an action plan to remedy the situation as quickly as possible”, says Nancy Tas, president of the Brussels-Brabant Flemish Alliance of the CSC.

Three information points currently open in Brussels are accessible without an appointment for “to make it possible to move forward more quickly in the files” and a fourth will see the light of day in Ixelles, on February 7. The CSC is also counting on the solidarity between its regional offices from this month of January. A wave of recruitment is also underway.

The CSC justifies its delay by the sudden explosion of requests at the start of the health crisis, as well as by the particular situation of the Brussels public, which is more multicultural and less trained in digital tools. The collective “Chô CSC enrage”, which today brings together 400 members on Facebook, was created last year. Occasional actions and three meetings with the management allowed the collective to make its demands heard.

In addition to the payment of allowances on time, the group demands, in particular, transparent communication from the CSC, as well as better accessibility of its services, by limiting response times by email and telephone and by reopening all its centers.

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