World In Brussels, they stood up for the Czech resistance...

In Brussels, they stood up for the Czech resistance against Turów

The text drawing attention to the fact that due to mining there was and is a loss of groundwater in wells at the border and that further mining will complicate the lives of thousands of people due to noise and dust, people attached their signatures at the turn of last year and this year. The petition reached the European Parliament thanks to the initiative of Czech and German MEPs.

“The fact that the PETI committee dealt with the petition of 13,000 people in Liberec indicates that this is a real problem,” said MEP Martina Dlabajová (YES), one of the initiators of the Czech protests in Brussels,. “The European Parliament does not leave this serious situation calm, and the mere fact that we have managed to draw attention to the situation on the border with Poland could put the necessary pressure on Warsaw and it could back down,” she added, adding that the European Parliament now expects immediate action. response of the European Commission.

“Therefore, the European Commission must now resolve the situation as soon as possible, and until it offers a specific solution to the Czech Republic and Poland, we will push for a suspension of mining,” agrees Czech MEP Tomas Zdechovsky (KDU-CSL) and the European Commission should respond within 6 months.

Already at the end of June, Czech deputies from the Committee on the Environment called on the government of Andrej Babiš (ANO 2011) to submit an initiative to the European Commission through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for mining in Turów.

Until it offers a specific solution to the Czech Republic and Poland, we will push for a suspension of mining.

This procedure was directly recommended by an analysis carried out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and discussed by Members. The Liberec Region leadership also requested the submission of a complaint. It even originally suggested that the government bring a direct action against Poland before the European Court of Justice.


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