In Buenos Aires, River Plate fans drunk with happiness – Le Figaro


Tens of thousands of River Plate fans gathered on Sunday night at the obelisk, an emblematic monument of Buenos Aires, to celebrate their victory over their rival, Boca Junior, in a passionate and festive atmosphere.

Boca 2

"It's a huge thrill, even more to be won against Boca." I had never lived it, it's wonderful, "said Jonhatan Carballo, who came to celebrate the coronation in the center of the Argentine capital on the handlebars of his bike, with his girlfriend, both dressed in the white shirt of a red oblique band. "I'm sorry that the match was played in Madrid and not in Monumental," he says. "But it's the past, we played, we won, now it's the party". The main artery of the city, 9 de Julio Avenue, has been closed to traffic to accommodate a red and white tide.

Groups of friends, entire families, waving flags near the Obelisk or taking part in horn concerts on motorways unusually crowded by converging supporters in the center of Buenos Aires. "We are champions, we are champions", the anti-Boca songs have resounded and the supporters of River Plate did not fail to mention those of Boca: "A minute of silence for Boca who has just died". "We came to celebrate with the family, what happened to Monumental is a pity, but football in Argentina is like that, unfortunately," says 37-year-old Romina Garrido, who holds her son Gaston by the hand.

He never doubted the success of River. "I have confidence in Gallardo, who has given us so many triumphs and joy." Several other cities in Argentina celebrated the victory of the team coached by Marcelo Gallardo, the second victory in three years after the one in 2015. Lack of reaching the center of Buenos Aires, thousands of fans met near the Monumental Stadium, where it was originally planned the final return of the Copa Libertadores.


On November 24th, the attack on the bus carrying Boca Juniors players a few hours before the game led the South American Confederation (Conmebol) to postpone the match and then move it to Madrid. When Pity Martinez scored the third goal of Milionarios, assuring the 4th Copa Libertadores, a clamor rose from palaces and houses in the Belgrano neighborhood, near the Monumental stadium. Dressed in red and white sweaters, many came out on the balconies despite the rain shouting their joy.


Copa Libertadores, "we dedicate it to (Mauricio) Macri and (Daniel) Angelici," says Sergio Martinez, a 40-year-old truck driver, referring to the president of Argentina, former president of Boca Juniors and current club boss. Mr. Macri congratulated River Plate in a tweet, promising a revenge in River.



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