World In Bulgaria, protesters block the streets of the capital...

In Bulgaria, protesters block the streets of the capital – the world

Protesters against Bulgarian Conservative Prime Minister Boyko Borisov’s opponents blocked a number of important intersections in the capital, Sofia, on Wednesday, several hours before a planned anti-government demonstration that could escalate into a wave of ongoing protests.

As demonstrators from across the country traveled to the capital, the organizers also promised to block highways and bridges.

The protests began on 7 July and brought together several factions on the Bulgarian political scene. The main demand of the protesters is Borisov’s resignation and new elections.

The protesters are also demanding the resignation of the country’s chief prosecutor, Ivan Geshev.

Protesters, backed by opposition socialists and pro-Russian President Rumen Radev, accuse the center-right government of corruption and links to organized crime.

The next Bulgarian parliamentary elections are scheduled for March 2021.

Protests have spread from Sofia to other cities, and people have also taken to the streets of Varna, Burgas and Plovdiv.

Protesters threaten to stay on the streets until their demands are met.

For Borisov, this is his third term, and since 2009 he has not been in power for a short time.

Requests to resign the prime minister rejects.

On Wednesday, Borisov visited the construction sites of the South Stream gas pipeline connecting Turkey with Bulgaria and Serbia, as well as the Sofia-Varna highway.


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