In France, 3,000 health professionals are suspended. For vaccination

The new measure, which entered into force on Wednesday, provides for compulsory vaccination for 2.7 million French medics, carers or firefighters. These conditions now according to BBC not met by three thousand paramedics. However, French Health Minister Olivier Véran said on Thursday that “most of the suspended activities are only temporary.”

According to Minister Véran, a large part will be vaccinated because “he sees that compulsory vaccination is a reality”. The obligation to get vaccinated applies to doctors, nurses and other medical staff, including volunteers.

President Emmanuel Macron warned healthcare workers of the new rules on July 12. He warned them that it would be necessary to get vaccinated with at least one dose of covid-19 vaccine or to leave work by September 15th. “I am aware of what I am asking of you, and I know you are ready for this commitment. It’s kind of part of your sense of duty, ”Macron said.

After the president’s announcement, the Doctolib server even crashed, on which it was possible to book an appointment for vaccination. Nevertheless, several thousand medics have not signed up for any term, and medical facilities across France are terrified of the threat of blackouts.

According to the BBC, almost 450 workers were suspended in one hospital in Nice in the south of France. Today, a protest took place in front of the hospital building, not only with the participation of unvaccinated paramedics. Problems are also being reported by another southern French hospital. The facility in Montélimar has confirmed to the AFP agency that it is already canceling non-acute operations, as it does not have enough vaccinated anesthesiologists.

However, Minister Véran told Thursday’s RTL radio that “continuity, security and quality of care were ensured in all hospitals and health and social care facilities.” According to the minister, some devices, such as magnetic resonance imaging, had problems for only a few hours.

Véran added that the suspended activity mainly concerns support staff and “several white coats”. According to him, there were a total of “several dozen” definitive departures from the profession throughout the country.

Even before the start of the global vaccination campaign, France was one of the most skeptical about vaccination. According to a survey by Ipsos, only 40 percent of French people initially said they planned to be vaccinated. A BBC survey found that the number of French-language viewers sharing anti-vaccination content rose from 3.2 million in 2020 to almost 4.1 million.

However, since the introduction of the covid passport, France has become one of the most vaccinated countries in the world. The French have to show up in cinemas, theaters or galleries since July 21 with a covid passport. It is given to those who are fully vaccinated, have a negative coronavirus test or have had the disease. However, its introduction is still accompanied by protests.

According to local authorities, more than 64 percent of the country’s population is fully vaccinated, with health workers administering at least the first dose to more than 74 percent of French people. According to the BBC, vaccination coverage reaches almost 90 percent, and the country has currently started vaccinating children from the age of twelve.

However, France is not the only country to introduce vaccination requirements for certain sections of the population. So far, Italy has chosen one of the strictest approaches. It will become the first European country to require all employees to prove themselves with a covid certificate.

At today’s meeting, the government decided on a new measure, according to which everyone in the workplace must have proof of vaccination against covid-19, recovery from this disease or a negative test for coronavirus. It will take effect on October 15.

An employee without a covid certificate can be expelled from work by the employer after five days and their salary can be suspended. However, the absence of a document cannot be a reason for termination. People who ignore this regulation and go to work without a green passport can be fined 600 to 1500 euros (15 200 to 38 000 crowns).

In Greece, unvaccinated public and private sector employees have to take regular weekly tests, which they will pay for themselves. The rule entered into force on 13 September. Last week, the United States imposed a vaccination obligation on federal government employees and businesses with more than 100 employees.

The new measures affect around one hundred million workers. US President Joe Biden has warned that if people are not vaccinated, they should prepare for regular weekly covid-19 testing. “It’s not about freedom or personal choice, it’s about protecting yourself and your loved ones,” Biden said.

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