In front of Macron, the veulent restier departments from «emmerdeurs»


The Sauvetage financier du gouvernement plan raises the Déception des élus départementaux.

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Jacqueline Gourault and Sébastien Lecornu, in October in Paris

It is not cruel to use the sound of Breton Breton offered by Jean-Luc Chenut, the patron (PS) of Ille-etVilaine. Jacqueline Gourault has suffixed the emotions of a local elite to shelve the threads of a dialogue that has been filmed in fifteen months: in Rennes, on Friday 9 November, the new Minister of the Cohesion des Territories et des Le territorial collectives have tried to renew the privileges between Emmanuel Macron and the élus des territoires in clôturant le 88is congress of the Association of departments of France (ADF).

" Negligent negotiations, and c & # 39; est bien notre intention, with departments with other levels of territorial collectivity ", The old vice president (Modem) du Sénat said at a time during the congress. In the seas, Sébastien Lecornu, the new minister of territorial communities, has resigned from his wife as president of the Eure départemental, is in 2015. «The duo de choc», Selon le mot by M. Lecornu, the discussion has been renewed. But, among the exécutif et les éléus locaux, the morceaux sont loin d & # 39; être collected.

«South form, laugh to redirect», Dominique Bussereau became fierce. In revanche, «Sur le fond aucun problème n & # 39; est réglé», I read explained the president of the ADF. The patron of the Charente-Maritime et proche de Alain Juppé, usually if you are courteous, earns a living: "Where will you be Emmerdeur? Et de plus en plus. » L & # 39; warning "Amical" It was wrong for a quick turnaround.

Series of annonces

Madame Gourault and M. Lecornu ettaient pourtant reached the pleasures. In Rennes it has been possible to announce that the United States has allocated for more than three years 115 million euros to credit institutions borrowed from the Revenu de solidarité active (RSA) and the Allocation personnalisée d & # 39; autonomy (APA) for the …


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