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Any in-game currency that Overwatch players have will be carried over when they transition to Overwatch 2. The developers confirmed this in an AMA session on Reddit. Also, unopened loot boxes from the first game will open automatically.

In the mail early a Reddit user what happens to the in-game money when Overwatch 2 becomes available. While the developers were unable to provide a detailed answer, they were able to confirm that credits, OWL tokens, and competitive points move on to the next game. The developers do say that Overwatch 2 will include a new main currency, which will replace the credits from Overwatch. There are certain items in the new game that cannot be purchased with the Overwatch credits.

Because Overwatch 2 will not include loot boxes, the unopened loot boxes from the first game will automatically open for the release of Overwatch 2. All items from the boxes will be deposited directly into the player’s account. Instead of loot boxes comes an in-game store available where players can purchase items and skins† Overwatch will also receive 2 seasons lasting a few months, in which players can purchase a Battle Pass to get new content.

It is not clear how much the new Battle Passes and store content will cost. Overwatch 2 appears on October 4 als early access, then the first season starts† The game gets three new heroes, six cards and thirty new skins. Blizzard also wants to bring new game modes to the game, including Push and a pve mode. The second season starts on December 6.

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