In Germany, they have an equestrian statue of Angela Merkel

Even its author Wilhelm Koch does not want to answer the question of whether he intended the work as an honor or rather as an irony, the DPA agency wrote.

Equestrian statue of Angela Merkel. The author did not say whether he meant it as irony.

Photo: Karmann Daniel, ČTK

The 2.7-meter-high equestrian statue is life-size, and Koch speaks of it as an “ambivalent sculpture.” According to him, Merkel in the role of a knight who sits on the back of an unsaddled horse without holding, seems so absurd to many people as a “carriage with horses in a Formula 1 race”.

Detail of an unveiled statue

Photo: Daniel Karmann, CTK / AP

The statue stands near the Tempel Museum in the small village of Freudenberg, and its author is said to have deliberately installed it on the site without a pedestal and in such a way as to metaphorically recall the way it was ruled. According to him, the politician therefore sits firmly on the animal, which has no halter or bridle, and stares towards the east.

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