In Hesse, the protection of the Constitution, under the breakdown, ran in front of Lübcke-murder

The protection of the Constitution in the state of Hesse has not forwarded according to research by the NDR and important insights to a right-wing extremist activities of Markus, H., the alleged helper in the murder of Walter Lübcke,. Therefore, the neo-Nazi could have according to the report, legal weapons. The protection of the Constitution grants according to the NDR now to have the information not to the weapons authority shall submit.

Markus H., is accused of complicity in the murder of the Kassel government of President Lübcke, had rode in 2015, before the administrative court of Kassel, a weapons possession card, and was allowed to legally own firearms. The reason for the decision of the court: The protection of the Constitution had no current information, but only information about Markus s right-wing extremist activities up to 2009 are reported.

In the Constitution protection act of Markus H., an entry from 2011 was found according to research by the NDR, however. At that time, the Constitution guards had a right-wing extremist YouTube channel is analyzed, you zurechneten Markus H.. This is relevant because according to a provision in the weapons law, someone is only considered “unreliable” if it is noticed in the last five years because of anti-constitutional activities.

The entry from 2011 was to try to prevent it, that Markus H. purchase legal firearms, and presumably so Stephan Ernst was able to support. Ernst is accused of the murder of Lübcke.

The protection of the Constitution-the chief: “it is Right that we would do differently today”

The President of the state office for the protection of the Constitution in Hessen, Robert shepherd, admits in an Interview with the political magazine “Panorama” (NDR), that the findings were not sent to Markus H. from 2011. He had no explanation for it. Whether it was a mistake, he could not judge today, says Schaefer. “It is right that we would do differently today.”

Only at the end of may, it was reported that investigators have discovered on the phone of Markus H. confidential police documents. In addition to the document, the investigators found the 44-Year-old a scene guide with tips on how right-wing extremists Monitoring by the safety authorities may be missed.

Markus H., is accused of complicity in the murder of Lübcke. For a more direct involvement in the attack on the Kassel government, the President, the office of the attorney General found no evidence.

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