In Ingushetia, the primary of the hospital was fired, where the child's mouth was sealed


WATCH, January 11 – RIA News. The head doctor of the Republican perinatal center in Ingushetia was fired after a scandal with a video posted on social networks with a child, who was registered with a patch, RIA Novosti reported in the Ministry of Health of the region.

Last week, a video appeared on social networks where the child is in the hospital ward and a nipple is glued to his face with duct tape. At the same time, there are no medical personnel and relatives of the child in the ward. The author of the video explains that the child is in the perinatal clinical center of Republican Ingushetia.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the police in Ingushetia have initiated a preliminary investigation into this fact, in the context of which the person responsible for the child's safety will be identified and a procedural decision will be taken.

A source of the region's forces told RIA Novosti that, according to preliminary data, one of the patients in the perinatal center, who had already confessed the crime, glued the pacifier to the child's mouth. The chief doctor of the perinatal center, Hadi Ugurchiyeva, also declared that the patch had been repaired by the patient who had filmed, seizing the moment when the nurse in charge of the department carried out the inhalation procedure in a nearby ward.

"After this incident, Ugurchieva was raised from the post of head of the Republican Perinatal Center, while Marem Yevloyeva was appointed head of the institution," said the agency's interlocutor.

In the Ministry of Interior of Ingushetia, RIA Novosti reported that the preliminary survey on the publication of the video from the perinatal center was not completed. "Control continues," the ministry noted.



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