In Italy, for the third time, they opened an investigation into the death of the famous cyclist Pantani

Pantani was found dead in a hotel room on February 14, 2004, and the court concluded that the 34-year-old driver was overdosing on drugs. However, an investigation in 2015 refuted this, saying that a large dose of antidepressants caused the death.

The family continued to insist that it was a murder. Pantani’s mother therefore hired new lawyers and also asked for a meeting with the public prosecutor, in whose office she then testified for two hours.

According to the media, the new evidence includes the statement of a drug dealer who supplied cocaine to Pantani. Fabio Miradossa was detained during a large-scale operation against the mafia and stated during the interrogation that the famous mountaineer had been murdered.

Pantani allegedly got into a dispute with his killer on the incriminated day, who forced him to drink a deadly cocktail. The cyclist’s family came up with a similar claim in the past, but the second investigation did not confirm this.


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