In Italy they insist on the signing of Messi for Inter pa …

He future of Leo messi It is unknown and it is still not clear where the Argentine will play from 2021. The only certainty that there is today is that the ’10’ ends a contract with the FC Barcelona within a year and it has not yet been renewed. From the club they are very clear that they want to close this expansion as soon as possible, but in some media they have insisted that Rosario’s is not so clear and wants to wait to see how sports planning progresses.

The striker has made it clear a thousand times that he wants to stay with Barça as long as he can, but that it does not depend only on his will. The Barcelona captain wants the club to make a winning project that allows it to continue lifting titles and that for now has not been fulfilled. That would be the main reason why the Pichichi of this season has not yet renewed and will not do so soon.

These doubts about Leo are being used by some sectors of the press to place him in other clubs. Inter Milan have tried to take Rosario away on several occasions throughout his career and that is why he appears in these rumors. In Italy have once again insisted that the ‘neroazzurro’ team is trying to convince Messi that you accept the offer that this campaign may present to you.

The radio station ‘Rai’ has indicated that JOrge Messi, his father, is going to move to Milan to live in the Italian city from August. The agent and father of the scorer culé would move to Italy to take advantage of the tax advantages that the Italian government currently offers. But not only would he do it for financial reasons, but he would also take advantage to start negotiating with Inter the arrival of Leo in 2021.

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Another important media such as ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ points out that the Jorge’s transfer is due to purely economic reasons for these advantages of the treasury in Italy. This newspaper says nothing about the possible signing of the six-time Ballon d’Or to Giuseppe Meazza. However, he does provide extra information about his father, who was going to live in early August in Porta Nova, the so-called futuristic and business district of Milan.

The Messi have denied this information

These rumors seem to have little foundation right now and the player environment would have already denied everything. It depends solely and exclusively on Barça and Josep Maria Bartomeu that everything remains that way and the striker does not consider leaving Barcelona. The president has to make a template as competitive as possible that can aspire to everything, something that has not happened this course. Messi only asks for that project to sign one or two more years and continue to amaze all Barcelona fans in this way.

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