In Italy, they wanted to promote the beauty of the country. They used footage from Slovenia

The face of the Open to Meraviglia campaign has become a digitally edited Venus from the famous Botticelli painting, which in the video, dressed in modern clothes, presents some of the famous Italian places. Server CNN states that art historian Tomaso Montanari, for example, called the whole campaign grotesque, obscene and throwing money out the window because of this.

In addition to him, some Italians on social networks also supported the campaign and the video, who criticize that the ministry used footage from neighboring Slovenia to promote the beauty of the country. In a scene where a group of friends are drinking wine, they noticed that both the bottle and the shots of the scenery actually came from a region bordering Italy.

The company Armando Testa, which was in charge of the form of the campaign, did not comment on the matter. The Minister of Tourism, Daniela Santachová, however, said to the critics that they are snobs and that the depiction of Venus as an influencer targets young people.

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