In Kiev, a man who threatens to blow up a bridge opened fire


MOSCOW, Sept. 18 – RIA News. An unknown threat to blow up a bridge in Kiev, where the subway station is located, opened fire, said the police chief of the Ukrainian capital, Andrey Krischenko.

"We are conducting a special police operation. Now there are representatives of all the services. The traffic of cars and trains on the bridge is blocked", Kryshchenko quoted his press secretary Oksana Blyshchik on Facebook.

The case is qualified to prepare a terrorist attack.

Traffic from the Dnepr station to the Lesnaya station on the red line of the Kiev metro has been suspended.

According to eyewitnesses, the man arrived on the bridge by car, pulled out an object similar to an explosive device, an automatic rifle and opened fire. It is noted that he appears to be about 35 years old, dressed in camouflage uniforms.

A special operational plan was introduced in Kiev. Now on the scene of the accident there is the direction of the main and territorial police Departments, patrol teams, dog handlers with guide dogs, special forces and explosion service specialists.

The unknown also threatens to blow up government offices.



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