In Latvia, 28 wastewater treatment facilities are unable to provide a result that meets the requirements for a long time

In Latvia, 28 wastewater treatment facilities are unable to provide results that meet the requirements for a long time, Elita Baklāne-Ansberga, director general of the State Environmental Service (VVD), informed today at a press conference.

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Of the mentioned facilities, 11 perform domestic wastewater treatment of insufficient quality. Such equipment is available in Balvu boarding house, Turaida in the village, in the village of Dokupe, in the village of Sutru, in the village of Ošanu, Līgatne in the city, in Gudenieki, in Elea, in the village of Livbirze, Celia in the village and in Zālīte.

According to VVD data, due to inadequate operation of these treatment plants, the quality of water in Lake Balvu, Kalnupīte, Packule, Ziemeš Susėja, Līgatne and Užava rivers, as well as in Feimanka, is affected.

Seven treatment facilities located in Olaine, Limbaži, Nākotne, Ranka, Lizum, Kazdang and Ludza are unable to provide adequate treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater. As a result, the water quality in Pupla river, Dūnezera, Auces river, Lazdupīte, Kaulupīte, Alokste river, Liela Ludza lake and river Isnaud.

Another ten treatment plants are unable to provide long-term treatment of production wastewater that meets environmental requirements. Such equipment is SIA “Abula”, Liepaja SEZ, SIA “Reneta”, SIA “Kuldigas bakery”, SIA “Vajars”, SIA “LMIKO Farm”, PKS “Straupe”, SIA “Mālpils piensaimnieks”, SIA “Dimdiņi” and SIA “Ceplīši”.

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