In Latvia, a solution is being introduced that allows you to check the Covid certificate – Branches – Financenet within a second

RASO representatives explain that the new Covid certificate scanning technology has the potential to significantly speed up the flow of people in places where various restrictions have been introduced since October 11 in the event of an emergency.

The application was developed by the Lithuanian company RASO, which introduced it in the neighboring country already in September, when epidemiological restrictions to control the pandemic came into force there. The RASO solution is used in 50 Maxima stores throughout Lithuania. Unlike applications in smart devices, the solution offered by RASO envisages the use of a specialized device with a barcode scanner for scanning certificates.

It is therefore particularly suitable for checking large flows of people over a long period of time, such as checking certificates in supermarkets throughout the working day. Currently, the solution developed by RASO is used in the shopping and entertainment center “Akropole”.

“Latvia also needs a solution that can scan Covid certificates faster than conventional smart camcorders can do. We use the technological solution already tested in Lithuania, adapting it to the requirements of Latvia. The fact that the application had already been developed and integrated into Honeywell’s mobile computer allowed the scanning solution to be implemented very quickly – traders in Latvia were given only three days to prepare for the new requirements. The Latvian Covid Certificate Validation Program runs on the so-called Public Key Infrastructure and responds in less than a second to make sure the certificate is valid, ”says Vitalijs Garbausks, RASO’s Executive Director of Sales, Logistics and Production.

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“We had to prepare very quickly for the introduction of the new restrictions – the introduction of an emergency situation in Latvia was announced on Thursday, more detailed information was published on Friday, and the new procedure came into force on Monday. A working and tested solution was created in Lithuania, so we were able to extend it to Latvia as well, so that we could continue to receive visitors without hindrance, ”says Dominiks Mertins, Head of Marketing and Communication at Akropolis Group.

According to the decision of the Latvian government, on weekends and public holidays, stores with basic necessities, as well as providers of important services, such as shoe repair or dry cleaning, will be able to operate in large shopping centers. All other stores will only be open on weekdays. The state of emergency in Latvia has been declared for three months. This period also includes the Christmas season, when customer flows at points of sale are higher.

According to Garbauska, for such large sales outlets as the Acropolis (98,000 square meters), it is especially important that they have equipment that is impact-resistant, as well as that the device’s battery can work for several hours without recharging.

“The Covid Certificate Scanner – a small smartphone the size of a smartphone – is extremely durable, so nothing will happen even if the computer falls to the floor. Its battery can run all day without recharging, even if QR codes are scanned without interruption all day long.

It should be emphasized that after the end of the pandemic, mobile computers can also be used for other purposes, such as inventory management, assembly, warehousing. All you have to do is download the necessary applications to your computer, ”says Garbausks.

This is not the first Lithuanian company project in Latvia – this summer RASO installed sales systems in the stores of the retail chain “Mere”, which recently applied in Latvia. The company in Latvia has certified its “Raso Retail” cash register program, as well as plans to develop other activities.

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“So far in Latvia we have worked mainly as equipment sellers, but this year we are also involved as developers of various solutions. We are especially strong in the development of retail solutions and automatic identification (Auto ID) technologies, so in the coming years our goal is to become the leader of the Auto ID segment and gain a significant share of the retail solutions market, ”says Edgars Kišuro, RASO Sales Manager in Latvia.

The Lithuanian company, which started its operations thirty years ago, develops, supplies and services cash registers, electronic labels and other commercial and technological equipment to the company, and has accumulated extensive experience in this field.


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