In Lima, Peru, brigades vaccinate against COVID-19 at night

A brigade of nurses travels the streets of the neighborhoods of Lima Peru, to vaccinate against novel coronavirus (COVID-19) to workers, housewives, older adults and children who, for various reasons, cannot go to do it during the day.

The measures have been well received by the population; these are their reactions:

“I didn’t have time to go get vaccinated for work and the whole family is there already, vaccinating us, they are doing very well.”

John Sayán Ortega, 21

A taxi driver, by name Juan Carlos Meneses, 47 years old, explained that the vaccination day at night allowed him vaccinate your 12-year-old son.

Home vaccination

The vaccination campaign will continue in other neighborhoods of Lima in the following days. Photo: AFP

To carry out this activity, nurses set up health posts in public spaces; for example, in the neighborhood of Virgin of the Snows, he settled in a small sports field, a point where people went to get vaccinated, but also from where they left celulas to bring the vaccine to homes.

“The role of the nurse is to go in search of patients, since the patient is not there, we sometimes have to go up to places so far away, so high, difficult to access.”

Nurse Milagros Napanga, 34, noted.

Vaccination is voluntary in Peru, but as of December 15, those not vaccinated will not be able to enter shopping centers or other closed public spaces.

Nurses go to the homes of people who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19. Photo: AFP

The nurses worked for about five hours in the colonies, guarded by the military and police, because insecurity is one of the big problems in the most popular districts of Lima.

“We are at night time, that also means a risk for the brigades, but (…) when seeing the Army, the Police, the population will be able to open the doors for us.”

Explained the director of Health of Lima This one, Tania Carrasco.

COVID-19 situation in Peru

With 33 million inhabitants, Peru accumulates more than 2 million infections and more than 200 thousand deaths from COVID-19. Since he corrected the figures in May, it is the country with the highest death rate from the pandemic, with 6,086 deaths per million inhabitants, according to official data.

Peru has immunized against COVID-19, so far, 16.6 million people, 59% of the target population.

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