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Lyon sank into the crisis weakly losing home against Dijon (1-3). And if it is Bruno Genesio to take everything behind, it is Nabil Fekir, Marcelo and the other leaders of Lyon who are responsible for it.

Bruno Genesio knows his Lionese better than anyone else. Capable of the best against the big teams, capable of the worst against the "small" of the Ligue 1. So when Les Gones received the red lanterns of Dijon of Ligue 1 this Saturday and had lost only for 8 consecutive games, the coach Rodanien had heard the bad blow, he felt that a Tanguy Ndombele for example could play with the handbrake. The medium was preserved, like the Deposition of Memphis, on the bench against the Burgundians. But not Nabil Fekir.

Nabil falters

Within this season, not very decisive for three league games, the offensive midfielder does not overwhelm the confidence before facing Dijon. But it is difficult, even suicidal for a coach, to relegate his captain to the rank of substitute, even if only for a match. And what's better than a red lantern at bay to revive? Instead, Nabil Fekir has just sunk. Not on his plate, the world champion has once again lost his game. And this while playing his favorite position, where he can best express his offensive qualities: as number 10. The pure Gone juice, whose post-World decompression seems to last forever, seems to have lost its kidney stroke. A quality that is his strength and on which rests the essence of his game, but which condemns a team built around him. Against Dijon, Fekir didn't even have enough explosiveness to get away from the clutches of nearly forty Florent Balmont.

His ability to keep the ball more than necessary and his slowness were combined with a cruel lack of technical precision in passing. The few free opportunities that Lyon has obtained (Cornet mine at 32is, Ivorian Rush to 52is, head of Dembélé al 62is) were not thanks to his captain, threatening only on set pieces. Also a weapon that has, as a symbol, lost, with several unsigned attempts and one too soft.

Bruno is walking alone

But if Lyon has messed up Dijon, it doesn't owe it to its only director, who owes most of its leaders. In great pain for months, Marcelo once again condemned his team by eating Tavares on equalization (3).is) before countering Said's victorious strike (7is). On the other side of the field, Moussa Dembélé won, because Memphis Depay is in the running after his level since he said he deserved better than Lyon. His departure to the bench was only a logical choice and his entry to 63is The minute did not change the scenario of the match while the Dutch would have to show his coach that he was wrong.
In Lyon, the culprit is: Bruno Genesio. When the Gons purr against the ungrateful, when Depay expresses his discomfort, when Fekir drags his ghost like a ball, it is always the Rhone technician's fault, apparently incapable of raising the tone with his trunks and making strong choices. Constant goal of the supporters and victim of the catastrophic management of its future by its president Jean-Michel Aulas, Genesio can no longer count on many supporters in Lyon. Only his paintings, which he has always preserved, have the means to remove him from this impasse. Anthony Lopes, one of the few to whom an answer has been given, translates in a sense this lack of investment: "We are professionals. We need to know how to do things. C & # 39; is a part of the decision taken Tuesday for the coach, but we must know how to ignore all this. The truth is on the green rectangle.But Fekir and Marcelo have not yet been able to justify the trust placed by their coach. And if Bruno Genesio is on stage today more than ever, it is because his managers do nothing to tear him from there.

By Douglas de Graaf

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