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The Health Minister considered that throughout America “the pandemic is having an unexpected duration”

The Minister of Health, Ginés González García, considered today that throughout America “the pandemic is having an unexpected duration” and in this sense he appealed for society to continue with preventive care, because the vaccine “could be at the beginning of the year or maybe a few days before “and” in March “en masse.

“We all thought that the pandemic in America would last a little, not like in Asia, but like in Europe (which is having a very strong outbreak today) but for some reason that is not explained much, -I at least I don’t have the explanation and that I read everything there is – it is having an unexpected duration, in all America, from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, “González García said today in an interview with Radio Continental.

The head of the Health portfolio pointed out that this is happening “despite the fact that the countries have adopted different strategies to contain it -the case of the United States and Brazil, for example- and yet it remains persistent and remains a record without no one knows why. “

The Minister explained that “there is a version that would indicate that the virus has mutated to a greater contagiousness “ and although he maintained that he cannot “ensure” the certainty of the version, he considered that “the American continent continues to be the center of the pandemic and that unfortunately we have to take the measures that we have to take “.

Regarding these measures, the minister reiterated that at this time greater restrictions were applied “in the jurisdictions where today the epicenter of the pandemic has moved, which is the interior of the country.”

“I am very proud of the quarantine,” the minister said later when asked what he would do differently, if he had to start over. However, he indicated that “surely we would have done some different things, since it is easy to tell with Monday’s newspaper.”

González García assured that “If we had not done the initial quarantine, the consequences would be terrible, because we would be in situations that we never wanted. There would be people who could not have been treated with a much higher mortality rate. Things that outrage a society: as if someone could dying without having the assistance you deserve, “he explained.

In this sense, he considered that “the preparation of the system and of us, of how to proceed, the management of the beds, the brutal expansion of the system that we carried out in four months throughout the country, was very strong and that allowed that even in the megapolis, such as the AMBA, where the pandemic had a sustained permanence of more than 35 days, we never had that problem “.

“Now we are trying to prevent that from happening in the rest of the country,” he stressed.

“It is true that we, neither the people, nor anyone else can assess what did not happen, what we avoided. What did not happen never has much impact,” added the official.

About vaccines

González García said “he has a lot of hope” regarding the vaccine and anticipated that “it could be for the beginning of the year or maybe a few days before.” Although he recalled that none are approved yet.

Gins: “Among the seven or eight vaccines that are in the front line, we are negotiating with five of those”

“Among the seven or eight vaccines that are in the first line, we are negotiating with five of those. There are three that are doing phase 3 trials in our country, and one will be manufactured here. But the exact date is not known by the manufacturers themselves. , since they do not know when it will be approved, “he said.

However, the Minister clarified that “the problem is not when, but how many”, since after obtaining the vaccine comes what the minister called “stage three, which is the logistics of a mass vaccination. That is not easy at all. The vaccination will last several months, it will be staggered, according to the amount we have. “

“Only in March we will be able to have the vaccine massively, but we will still vaccinate beforehand, as we have them,” he said.

In this way he insisted on the need to “not relax now, when it is so close, perhaps in a couple of months, the safest alternative is the vaccine” and added: “Let’s look at Europe, they thought they had overcome it, but the reality it’s that it wasn’t like that, and we don’t want this to happen to us. ”


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