In Marseilles, insurers withdraw their "collapse" guarantees

Rue d'Aubagne in Marseille, November 8, after the collapse of two buildings on November 5th.
Rue d'Aubagne in Marseille, November 8, after the collapse of two buildings on November 5th. GERARD JULIEN / AFP

What is the purpose of insurance? The owners of a building located on rue d'Aubagne, facing those who collapsed in Marseille on November 5, have asked the question, discovering that their groupama insurer has decided to withdraw the guarantee "collapse" on their contract .

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With a letter sent on November 26 to the trustee, which the Collective of November 5 circulated on social networks, the mortgage insurer indicated that "The events occurred in rue d'Aubagne, in Marseille", which caused the death of eight people, had proceeded «For a control of competence of condominiums» assured in this way. Result: starting from 1st February 2019, co-ownership was no longer insured against the risk of collapse.

In another letter, the trustee specified that other insurers, contacted, now required a premium amount "Multiplied by six or seven".

"A fundamental security issue"

It took a minister to offend himself to delay the mutualist group. "Groupama's decision is unacceptable, I spoke to him tonight with his general manager, who took note of the file and pledged to correct it", On Wednesday, December 5th, he tweeted Julien Denormandie, who is in charge of the city and the government housing. In the process, the insurer replied by Tweet that, "Given the excitement and exceptional circumstances (…), Groupama [rétablirait], waiting for further expertises, its guarantees "collapse".

Contacted by The world, the insurer evokes, "First of all, a fundamental question of the safety of residents", point your fingers "The owners who abandon the buildings are degraded by default of maintenance". "This is why Groupama has never been able to withdraw its guarantee to the inhabitants, but rather to the non-occupying owners who endanger the inhabitants", He justifies.

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The initiative is not isolated, however. Also the municipal councilor (PS) of Marseille Benoît Payan has published on Twitter a letter from the Allianz insurer that has terminated a contract "Given the evacuation of the building (…) following the experience commissioned by the city of Marseille ". Under pressure, Allianz France has finally announced that it has been extended "The guarantees of his co-owners of Marseilles whose walls are threatened with danger or insecurity".

Véronique Chocron

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