In Mexico they also follow the activities of Alex Saab


The Attorney General of that country has indicated that the business man from Barranquilla appeared connected in an investigation due to irregularities in the export of low quality food to Venezuela, in the framework of contracts for the supply of CLAP.

Alex Saab Morán is investigated in Colombia for money laundering. / Panama Papers

At a press conference on Thursday 18 October, the Attorney General of Mexico announced the results of an investigation into people who in the last two years have engaged in the sale of basic food and logistics services in Venezuela and supported in unusual operations. According to the Mexican authorities, it is import of low quality food for the local procurement and production committee (CLAP), an activity in which among the main suppliers appears Alex Saab, the so-called Chavismo contractor. (Read here: The investigation in Colombia against Alex Saab, the chavismo contractor)

These are the same irregularities that the Venezuelan portal Armado Info has reported since March 2017, which in its publications has followed the way in which the business of Barranquilla, Alex Saab, and his partner, the Colombian Álvaro Polished – which was called Germán Rubio – Through the company Group Grand Limited have obtained contracts for over 200 million dollars. Likewise, Venezuelan journalists – now exiled to Colombia – have announced that much of Foods imported from Mexico for CLAP are of low quality and are not nutritional supplements that help to deal with the humanitarian crisis experienced in the neighboring country. (Read here: Details of the case have fled from Alex Saab, the chavismo contractor)

"The facts that call us today derive from a complaint filed by the Financial Intelligence Unit before the Deputy Prosecutor General for the investigation of organized crime, which has launched a research portfolio in the specialized investigation unit of operations with resources illegal and counterfeit or alteration of the currency, against various physical and moral persons engaged in the sale of basic food and logistic services, when he warns of unusual operations in his administration, "said Alonso Israel Salas, deputy prosecutor specialized in investigating organized crime

The official explained that it all started on 3 April 2016, when Venezuela created the Local Production and Production Committees (CLAP). "On the occasion of said program, according to the ministerial investigations, a network of companies and individuals, both domestic and foreign, They obtained Venezuelan public resources from a government humanitarian aid program, known in Venezuela as the "Great Sovereignty Mission", which aims to acquire food dispenses in various countries, then export them to Venezuela and distribute them among the population at a price lower than the commercial cost and thus mitigate the serious food shortage crisis ", Mexico's attorney general said (Read here: the tax inspector and accountant for Alex Saab are captured)

The Mexican authorities have concluded that a group of companies and fictitious people have obtained millionaire resources that have not been used for humanitarian purposes, but to their advantage. According to the survey, they bought low quality food for export to Venezuela and, through CLAP, they sold it at a price 112% higher than the real price. The Mexican official added that he had identified "various operators, such as Mr. Alex" N ", apparently linked to the government authorities of that country, as well as Álvaro" N ", Emmanuel" N ", Santiago" N "and Andrés" N " , which, in order to obtain the food products to be supplied to the Venezuelan government, go to different countries to contact other companies ".

These names refer to persons associated with the Group Grand Limited company in Mexico. It would be the business man Alex Saab, who today is a fugitive from the Colombian authorities for a case of money laundering; his companion Álvaro Pulido; Emmanuel Rubio, son of Pulido and one of the lawyers of Group Grand Limited; Andrés Eduardo León Rodríguez, another of the company's lawyers; and the Mexican Santiago Uzcátegui, who was the company's administrator, who closed the doors on March 21, 2017, when Armando Info began to make public the accusations of corruption in the CLAP.

At the press conference, deputy attorney general Alonso Israel Salas said that a repair agreement was reached with several people involved in the investigation, without specifying who. The terms of the agreement were two. The first is that the defendant committed himself to deliver to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) US $ 3 million for the care of thousands of Venezuelan refugees in Latin America. And the second, that the people involved could not carry out any commercial act with the government of Venezuela or third parties related to "shipping and marketing of food, food or medicine in that country, because of the CLAPS program in Venezuela".

Finally, the Mexican Attorney General stated that "the elements provided by this investigation will be shared with the competent international authorities in order to continue cooperation in the fight against money laundering and, in particular, this fraudulent scheme". The global siege against the businessman Alex Saab and its companies begins to close. While he was in Mexico and started investigating irregularities in CLAP, in Colombia he is wanted, along with many of his relatives, for allegedly recycling 25,000 million dollars between 2004 and 2011 through fictitious transactions of foreign trade that he has made with his company Shatex S.A.



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