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On Tuesday, 16-year-old Ivan Krapivin from Severodvinsk died in Dr. Roshal's Moscow clinic and suffered serious injuries in a conflict with a drunk neighbor in a communal apartment that tried to kill his mother. Doctors and a half years have fought for his life, but to save the boy has failed.

The tragic incident occurred on 1 May 2017: the Roman Pronin, rather old 35 years old, began to look for the position of a drinking partner of 41 years, but was refused. During the fight, he grabbed two kitchen knives and started cutting the woman – he received 27 wounds. Vanya, 14, who ran out of the room, stopped her mother's slaughter, but at the same time received three strikes with the handlebars on her head.

The teenager fell into a coma and his mother became aware of his son's brave act only by the doctors when he showed up at the hospital. Van, who actually had no forehead, was struck by an eye and part of the brain was destroyed, had an emergency operation in Severodvinsk, after stabilizing his condition, he was sent to the hospital. regional children's hospital, then transported to St. Petersburg. After the story had a broad resonance, the teenager was transferred for treatment to Dr. Roshal's clinic in Moscow, where he had been for the last few months.

Formerly convicted of murder, Pronin was sent to a penal colony for 14 and a half years, and Ivan's mother was deprived of her parental rights – she did only four visits to the hospital. His elder brother Ilya and his wife, who were to leave military service, took care of him. Natalia Krapivina herself in the "Live" study has asked pardon for the children (she has three), but has not regained her rights.

At the beginning of October, on the eve of her birthday, Vanya was transferred to intensive care, from which she never left – on the evening of December 4, the hero of Severodvinsk died.

"The actions of the staff of the criminal enforcement service are verified, following which the convicted person previously lived uncontrollably in the same apartment shared with the family in which the minor was educated." The actions of the district police officer, who he was required to have information on citizens who live in the territory under control, dysfunctional households and, if necessary, take action.In addition, the investigation will determine if the protection authorities, as well as other control services, were aware of of the family and because their side was no reaction in the presence of such information ", – reported in the TFR.



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