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In Moscow, released the arrested due to the purchase of American household chemicals

The Solntsevo court in Moscow has released the American Gaylen Grandstaff from SIZO, which was arrested in 2017 for trafficking in psychotropic substances after buying cleaning products and peptides via the Internet. This was reported to RBC by court spokesman Georgy Yengibarov.

"In accordance with Article 237 of the Criminal Procedure Code (" Restitution of Criminal Proceedings to the Public Prosecutor "), the court postponed the case to the prosecutor's office and annulled the chosen preventive measure ", he has declared.

RIA Novosti, quoting a judge, reports that the accusation was made with violations. He did not indicate the exact date and time of the crime. Even the forces of the order have not seized the computer through which the American made the purchase.

Court documents state that Grandstaff was planning to buy drugs illegally and use them "while practicing sports" in the summer of 2017. For this, he ordered a liquid that contained large-scale gamma-butyrolactone. This substance is listed as prohibited on the territory of Russia. Grandstaff did not admit his guilt.

In August 2018, his wife Anna Grandstaff talked about Grandstaff's arrest. He noticed that they bought peptides from the Chinese online store for cell regeneration and a metal cleaner. As a result, a criminal case against drug smuggling was started against the American (part 3 of article 229.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). However, his wife reported that her husband suffers from a chronic gastrointestinal tract disease – Crohn's disease. To fight it, take the peptide drugs.



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