In New York, 5 doctors have charged thousands of fake opioid prescriptions


Five doctors were charged Thursday in New York for writing fake orders and inappropriately prescribed millions of oxycodone tablets, a powerful opiate that is wreaking havoc in the United States.

A total of 10 people were indicted in six different cases, all relating to health professionals suspected of issuing orders of convenience.

The award goes to Dante Cubangbang, a doctor from Queens who, with the complicity of nurse John Gargan, prescribed six years, according to the survey, to more than six million oxycodone tablets to "individuals who knew they were not they needed legitimate medical reasons, "according to a statement released Thursday by the federal attorney general of Manhattan, Geoffrey Berman.

According to the investigators, no other New York health professional has even prescribed half of this volume over the same period of time.

The two men charged each visit for $ 300.

Another doctor accused Thursday, Dr. Carl Anderson, had earned such a reputation that a queue was regularly forming outside his office in the Staten Island district in the middle of the night, some of the patients "showed visible signs of drug addiction" , according to the public prosecutor's office.

The fact that many of these "patients" died of overdoses did not push Dr. Anderson to change his prescriptions, he says.

Oxycodone is initially an opioid painkiller, which has twice the strength of morphine and can cause an addictive effect.

More than 17,000 people died of prescription opioid overdoses in 2016, according to data from the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC).

For several months now, justice has dealt with the problem of crooked doctors and orders of convenience.

In mid-March, five New York doctors, all on the street, were accused of prescribing an excess of fentanyl, an analgesic of 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine, for months in exchange for the manufacturer's bribes.


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