In Newsstand on the Daily Fact of August 2: And Gallera confessed: “No red zone”. The audio on Radiopop – Now he says that on March 4th he tried to convince Speranza to close the Val Seriana


“PedeFontana”: so the League took the useless highway

Planet Lombardia – A whirlwind and opaque financial turn brings the Carroccio to the head of the three entities that from now on will have to manage contracts for billions of euros

He folder

Dictatorship? It is the Parliament with fewer decrees and trusts

The Laws – Compared to the first two years of the past legislature, the government’s initiative falls despite the emergency of Covid

The meeting

No Count, the ciellini want Draghi

Rimini – Zinga and Crimi also absent, the ex-ECB parades with the “enemies” Di Maio, Salvini, Meloni

What happened to Lotti, Renzi and the others

Processes and other investigations, what remains of Consip

4 years later – August 2016: the interceptions of the investigation on the purchasing center begin. To date, the former minister is on trial, the father of the former premier not yet dismissed


The UN is silent on the dead aid worker: “Truth for Mario”

The Case – At the vigil of Paciolla, the young man found hanged with signs of a cutting weapon while working in Colombia, President Fico: “We will make light”

August 2, 1980 – The race for revisionism 40 years later

The “terrapiattisti” deniers of the black massacre in Bologna

Forty years after the roar at the station, sidetracking and denial campaigns continue as on the first day. Thousands of deeds, documents, evidence, papers, testimonies, in eleven sentences pronounced in three different trials (to Giusva Fioravanti and Francesca Mambro; to Luigi Ciavardini; to Gilberto Cavallini) confirm that the massacre of 2 August 1980 at the station of […]

Travel – Between “drinking Persia” and the Muslims in the square

Vices and virtues of Iran, where an Agnelli is also at home

An important country – In addition to western storytelling, Tehran has many faces. And Europe should start a privileged relationship so as not to succumb to the US and China

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of Alessandro Di Battista

Lobby continues

And Gavio is applying for Aspi

Maneuvers – Taken the Frejus, they now point to the big target

Summer bestiary – The 7 capital minchiate of Salvini

Immigrants, viruses, drums and Briatore: remove the mojito from him

It must be a very tough summer for Matteo Salvini, judging from the level of his social and not just social propaganda. A level so low and fun at the same time that there is only one explanation: the mojitos this summer began to target all Luca Morisi. Without brown sugar, lime juice, mint and soda water: […]

Recovery fund

Export, construction sites and digital: ministers do their homework

Giuseppe Conte is in a hurry, because Europe is in a hurry. So the ministers have to do their first homework by Tuesday. That is, to present titles and directives of the projects to make the money of Europe profitable, with cards where words such as digitization, training and energy efficiency often appear. The first station to cross to get on the 209 train […]


“It’s too risky.” Stop at “free all” on High-speed trains

No return to normal for long distances

League stuff

Now Fontana is a big trouble for Salvini

Two big clouds hover over the beach of Milano Marittima, where Matteo Salvini is spending a few days off (so to speak because there is the League party in Cervia and he was the guest of honor last night). The first cloud is that of the Open Arms trial, which adds to the ship trial […]

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Fake conspiracies – Illegitimate kidnappings

It is forbidden to talk about it. When “Il Fatto” ended up under accusation

From December 2016 to the end of February 2017, our newspaper published all the news on the Consip case in blissful solitude. After Alfredo Romeo’s arrest, all newspapers, not just Il Fatto Quotidiano, publish excerpts from the theoretically secret final disclosure of the Noe. Nothing is happening. The anticipation of the […]

Gemini ambulances

They had worked during Covid: now they send them away

They faced the weeks of the lockdown in one of the main Covid Hospitals in Lazio. Now they have been replaced by “specialized volunteers”, in spite of a social clause provided for by law and “referred to in the tender documents”. Changing the contract for the ambulance service at the Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome will cost you your job […]

Lockdown effect

Sexual violence decreases, family violence increases

Offenses of sexual violence due to the lockdown decreased, which prevented many from leaving. But there has been a noticeable increase in abuse and voluntary injury consumed in the family environment. ” The worrying figure is provided by Maria Monteleone, deputy prosecutor who for ten years led the pool on gender-based violence […]

Municipalities in Arezzo

The revenge of the former Renziano in the fief that belonged to Boschi

Arezzo in recent years has always been the province of rationalism. In the golden years of the magic lily, Florence was the center and Arezzo, a feud of the Woods (father and daughter), the periphery. For five years, in conjunction with the fall of Matteo Renzi, the gold medal city of the Resistance has been in the hands of the center-right of the mayor […]

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The denialists

Berlin, 20 thousand to the anti-restrictions procession: “The Coronavirus is only a false alarm”

Almost a thousand new ones infected and seven killed in the last 24 hours, according to calculations by the Robert Koch Institute, the agency commissioned by the German government to monitor the progress of the Covid-19 pandemic in the country. Yet even in Germany there are those who believe that coronavirus is nothing serious. More: that it is a real […]

Leading a ‘gang’

Twitter Bitcoin scam: Obama and Bill Gates hacker arrested, he is 17 years old

They are three boys between 17 and 22 years old: on Friday they were arrested and identified as the authors of the maxi hacker attack that targeted the profiles of politicians and stars on Twitter. Graham Ivan Clark, 17, has been arrested in Tampa, Florida, and will be prosecuted with thirty charges […]

The interview – Flavio Dino – To the Maranhão government

“Bolsonaro paralyzed in the face of the pandemic. It will not stand up to the crisis “

Brazil – Ready to challenge the president in 2022 for the left, he says: “I brought the respirators from Africa”

The interview

“Love passes, hunger does not. My wife in lockdown was lucky: I cooked ”

Antonino Cannavacciuolo – In the kitchen from 13 years. Now he has companies, TV shows and a new book

They go to the max

Those damned easy whiskey musicians

From Buscaglione to Ciampi, from Tenco to Califano, an essay on the life, death and miracles of borderline artists lost behind beautiful women. Or by the glass

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