In Newsstand on the Fatto Quotidiano of 2 October: Draghi gives the gift to the anti-Salvini leaguers

The investigation

“Black funds for FdI” Fidanza suspended and the prosecutor investigates

The manager of Meloni


“If you lose you will not disappear”: Grillo returns to the square for the Rays

Rome. Concluding meeting of the mayor: with her ministers and big gods 5S The Guarantor calls: “I’ll always be there for you, Count our wizard of Oz”

The schiforma

Mori, piazza fontana and B .: This is how La cartabia hides the investigations

The memory of the country is cleared. Web oblivion. Anyone who has been acquitted (or prescribed) will be able to lose all traces of his procedural events

The portrait

The armchair guru who speaks to Draghi and never makes speeches

Giancarlo Giorgetti. The League in a tie. Ponzellini, Tremonti, Supermario: he has always had a seat at tables that are not seen. Until he said enough to “Salvini making Salvini” And he started dreaming about Palazzo Chigi

It virus

Unfinished vaccine mission. Nothing 80% quota in October

71.8% of Italians were immunized

United States

Biden, Afghanistan’s worst home front

Black week. First the generals who deny him on the withdrawal from Kabul, then the shutdown avoided by a whisker, finally the divisions between the dems on the billionaire infrastructure plan

The prize

Atwood: “I’m a witch. Healthy anger against injustices “

The Canadian writer awarded at the Grinzane: “Long live the young activists”


Fake hugs and Cesa sponsor with Durigon: the bad end on the right

Giorgia and Matteo

The former minister in the running

Gualtieri in search of the dem identity between the people and the Ztl

“With Mimmo Lucano for the right of humanity”. The banner is a choice of field in Piazza Damiano Sauli, in the center of Garbatella, low houses, a bit radical and a bit chic on the left, a party atmosphere in a semi-popular district of South Rome. jeans, t-shirts and purple and yellow balloons. Guest […]


Manzione is back: now it’s at the State Property Office (and aims high)

The Renziana has become a serial poltronista

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Little Durigons grow up: “A mistake in the square for Siani”

Vico equense. We vote and the former mayor criticizes the plaque against the anti-Camorra reporter

Yellow on the hill

The head of state cancels the trip to Dubai and Kuwait

The yellow explodes when Dagospia gave the news that Mattarella would cancel the planned visit at the end of November to the Italian pavilion of the Dubai Expo due to a diplomatic crisis with the Arab Emirates. In reality, the question is different, as unofficially transpires from the Quirinale. Originally the head of state was supposed to go on a mission […]

The interview

“Whole pieces of history in smoke, the right to press is limited”

Francesco Cancellato. Fanpage Director

The cure

The new antiviral halves hospitalizations and deaths for Covid

An antiviral pill promises to halve hospitalizations and deaths for Covid: a potential, huge, step forward in the fight against the pandemic. The announcement comes from the American Merck, which will soon ask the FDA for authorization to use its experimental drug Molnupiravir. According to preliminary data, patients who used Molnupiravir within five days of the onset of symptoms […]

The ok of the WHO is missing

Sputnik works, but whoever did it doesn’t have a Green pass

The case. Russian whey, not authorized in the EU, used on 90% of the inhabitants of San Marino


Alitalia, extraordinary Cig ok until 2023

The extraordinary redundancy fund for Alitalia employees will only be extended by one year, until 2023, and not for another three as the unions requested. The confirmation came from the Minister of Labor, Andrea Orlando who announced an ad hoc rule during yesterday’s table with the social partners. But to the […]

Belice valley

Messina Denaro, maxi blitz in Sicily: dozens of searches in search of the fugitive boss

Wide-ranging searches in the Belice Valley, in search of a trace that could lead to the elusive fugitive boss Matteo Messina Denaro, who has been hidden in the shadows for 28 years. On the heels of the last godfather of Cosa Nostra, known as Diabolik or u ‘Siccu, there is the Dda of Palermo, led by the deputy prosecutor Paolo Guido, who during the day […]

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Crac Etruria, in first instance a conviction and 22 acquittals in the bankruptcy trial

Almost six years after the resolution of 22 November 2015 and more than 5 and a half years after the declaration of insolvency of 11 February 2016, the first instance ruling for the crash of Banca Etruria arrived yesterday. With a decision that raises controversy, the court of Arezzo acquitted because the fact does not exist 22 […]

The interview

“The shoves yes, but I stalker really don’t. And I’m ashamed “

“There was a fight. And I regret this and even a little ashamed of it. But I never imagined you would be accused of stalking. I tried, after we had both lost our temper, and I certainly feel the guilt, that the relationship could at least end in a civil way. And instead…”. And instead Enrico Varriale, journalist […]

Massacre in prison

Coca: Ecuador Mexican province

The clash between gangs with 118 dead does not appeal to the narcos of Sinaloa: they imposed a low profile


Too many inconvenient inquiries: the Insider journalist on the run

Wanted. Dobrokhotov in the sights of the FSB

The Film to see

Carpignano blows up the “mafia-movie”

To Chiara. Jonas Carpignano


A thousand-year-old intergalactic chess game

“Foundation”, on Apple Tv +, adapted Isaac Asimov on screen and aims to become the new “Game of thrones”

theater and art

“So it is (or I think)”: Elio’s Pirandello

Is it theater? No. Is it Pirandello? It seems. Or at least it seems to Elio Germano. So it is (or it seems to me) it is in fact an original rewriting “for virtual reality” of the almost homonymous, and trite, comedy by Luigi Pirandello of 1917, just passed to the Romaeuropa Festival. The actor, in the role of the party pooper Lamberto Laudisi, also signs the direction, catapulting […]

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The character

“Francesco Vezzoli in Florence”: lions and big heads celebrate aesthetics, not ethics

In Florence, the contemporary returns to dialogue with the Renaissance. In Piazza della Signoria, Francesco Vezzoli chooses to install on an ancient base a monumental rampant lion of five meters in an anthropomorphic position – of Disney inspiration between Gardaland and the Vittoriale – which bites a Roman head of the second century between the jaws. d. […]


The death of a father, the notes of a daughter

“One day there is life, then, suddenly, death happens” we read in The Invention of Solitude by Paul Auster, the debut in prose born after the sudden death of his father in ’79. Also Heritage of Philip Roth, Geology of a father by Valerio Magrelli, Where you will find another father like mine by Rossana Campo and […]

DC (After Christie)

Three good reasons to read the Galician mysteries of the philosopher inspector Leo Caldas

There are at least three good reasons to recommend the beach of the drowned by Domingo Villar, a Galician writer recently published in Italy. The first reason is Galicia, in fact. Vigo, to be precise. On Spanish soil we read detective stories set in Barcelona (of course), in Madrid, in the Basque Country, in Extremadura, in magical Andalusia […]

In other words

“From sadness and urine I draw atomic works”

Antonio Moresco, Writer

The tasting

Thucydides, the historian involved in the facts who somewhat resembles the Russian Trotsky

Difficult to tell the story when you are immersed in it. And when that story is also your story. But Thucydides is of such magnitude that the heart of the classic Peloponnesian War does not change even when it becomes clear, as Luciano Canfora does in this beautiful little volume, that Thucydides was involved in those facts. To the […]

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