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In Norilsk restored electricity after a fire at the substation :: Society :: RBC

Norilsk has restored the electricity supply to residents in the Observatory after the fire at the substation. This is stated in the operational summary of the energy Ministry.

“At 19:06, after drying and repair of equipment 35 kV substation GPP-36 included in the work. At 19:27 to all customers energized,” — said the Agency.

Earlier in the Ministry of energy reported that on the morning of 28 June, the energy company NTEC, a controlling stake owned by Norilsk Nickel, the ignition of the roof of the building.

Some of the inhabitants of Norilsk and the Observatory were left without electricity

On a scene there arrived the MOE calculations and departmental fire protection “Norilsk Nickel”. As a result of extinguishing the fire was covered with the equipment of the substation. In the end, without electricity there were inhabitants of the city and the Observatory, where the quarantine are arriving in Norilsk citizens.



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