In Oaxaca, they beat a man for harassing a woman in the Metropolitan Cathedral: video

Four bystanders sought to defend the woman after a man was accused of harassing her in Oaxaca.
Police arrested the man in Oaxaca. Photo: Shutterstock

Elements of the municipal police oaxaca they would have detained a subject after being confronted by a group of men for, presumably, harass a woman at the doors of the Metropolitan Cathedral.

Through social networks, it was shared a video of the moment when a manwho was wearing a blue shirt, gray pants and white tennis shoes, has a woman cornered at the doors of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Oaxaca, while, at the same time, she was talking on the phone.

Witnesses call the police

During the recording, the voice of a woman is heard requesting the presence of the Policeman of Oaxaca to review the situation the victim is going through.

When the police are needed they do not come and they do not answer me”, “Good evening, do you think you can support us with the Police at the Cathedral?”, is part of the dialogue of the person who witnessed the situation.

Posteriorly, the assaulted woman she pushes the man to let her go, but he reaches out again to hold her.

Even with the umbrella

After what the woman keeps the strugglesfour bystanders appear who would seek to resolve the situation, but the subject accused of harassment immediately confronts them and he is hit even with an umbrella. “Let him be stuck!”, says a witness.

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In the confrontation, the appearance of two elements of the Municipal Police of oaxacawho finally subdue the suspect, and the four men who intervened move away from the area.

According to local media, the events occurred Monday night at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Oaxaca; Until now, the municipal authorities have not ruled on the matter due to the situation of aggression against a woman.

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