In order not to miss the unrepeatable opportunity of the Bonus, do it at 90% instead of 60%, here is what we must do

Here is what the Government has decided with regard to the Bonus facades. Starting January 1st 2022, the percentage of fiscal detraction of the same, it will go from 90% to 60%. Therefore, from that date, taxpayers who want to provide the exterior of the building will be able to save less money. However, all is not lost yet. In fact, there is still a chance to tick 90% on Bonus do, which will remain so until December 31, 2021. So, in order not to miss the unique opportunity of the Bonus, do it at 90% instead of 60%, here’s what we have to do.

Well, the only possible solution is to pay everything before the end of 2021. In this way, it will be possible to recover everything, bearing in mind the date of payment and not that of completion of the work. However, there remains the question of how payments should be made and what should be reported on the invoice.


In order not to miss the unrepeatable opportunity of the Bonus, do it at 90% instead of 60%, here is what we must do

The Facades Bonus allows the recovery or restoration of the external facade of existing buildings, of any cadastral category. Therefore, it is also about the instrumental properties, as long as they are located in zones A, B or similar. All this, based on regional legislation and municipal building regulations. Another condition for accessing the benefit is the visibility of the facade from the street. It is up to both the owners of the property and the tenants and can be used through:

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1) tax deduction to be reported in the tax return;

2) credit transfer;

3) discount on the invoice.

In order not to lose this benefit, in the percentage of 90%, as indicated, we will have to pay everything in advance. In this case, the dates of the payments will prevail and not those of the beginning or end of the works.

So, before December 31st we should do the so-called talking transfers, relating to the work to be carried out. This implies, however, the risk that, subsequently, the company may decide not to fulfill. Therefore, to do this, it is advisable to choose a very serious one.

How to make payments so as not to lose the bonus face 90%

As indicated, the deduction can work in several ways. If you choose the tax credit, the expense made through speaking transfers must be reported in the 2021 income tax return. All this, in order to obtain the recovery of the sum, in ten annual installments of the same amount. The second chance is that of the discount on the invoice, also to be made by 31 December 2021. In this case, we will make a speaking transfer equal to 10% of the costs incurred. The remainder, however, that is 90%, is covered by the discount.

In this second hypothesis, moreover, as for the assignment of the tax credit, an Asseveration of appropriateness of expenses is necessary. It is a certificate drawn up by a qualified technician before starting the work. In it, it is acknowledged that the expenditure does not exceed the ceiling established by law. Ultimately, by following these very useful indications, we will still be able to take advantage of the 90% tax deduction for the facade bonus. This, at least until 31 December 2021.

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The facade bonus does not extend to shutters

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