In Paris, after the parade on the occasion of the Bastille uprising, riots began


PARIS, July 14 – RIA Novosti, Victoria Ivanova. Crowds of protesters took to the streets of Paris after the Bastille Day parade, reports from the RIA Novosti correspondents.

Despite enhanced security measures, it was not possible to avoid a disturbance of public order. The protesters, shouting slogans of "yellow jackets", began to destroy the installed fences and tried to build them barricades. As a result of the struggles that had begun, the police used tear gas.

Furthermore, even before the start of the parade, a clash with the police took place in one of the spectator's areas. According to the French media, the forces of the order have held members of the "yellow vest" movement, including their main ideologue Eric Drouet.

Large-scale protests of "yellow jackets" began in France in mid-November last year with the obligation not to increase the tax on fuel and the price of gasoline. The authorities of the country have announced measures that should have calmed the situation, however, the participants in the movement continue to take to the streets dissatisfied with social policy.

Mass actions are accompanied by protesters who clash with the police, the pogroms and the car arson, the destruction of shops, the banks.

Following the example of France, disgruntled citizens took to the streets in a number of other countries.



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