IN PICTURE. From last week 24 degrees to snow carpet: until Wednesday April grilling and snow fun | Weather news

The April whims were already raging yesterday, and they also have something in store for us the following days. Until tomorrow (Wednesday, ed.) We have to take cold and wet weather into account.

“We expect 10 to 15 centimeters of snow in the Ardennes. And as far as Flanders is concerned, a few centimeters are also possible in a number of places during the night and the morning ”, according to weatherman David Dehenauw.

Snow in the Easter holidays seems exceptional, but is that really the case? “Easter is of course a variable holiday. Sometimes it is the end of March, sometimes it is late April. It certainly does not occur every year, but it is certainly not the case that it almost never occurs, ”explains Dehenauw. “It is not exceptional in itself, but rather unusual.”

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Due to the cold and wet weather, the RMI warns against slippery roads, with snow and ice patches. Code yellow applies throughout the country, with the exception of West Flanders.

In Low and Central Belgium, during heavier showers, some snow cover may occur locally and temporarily and temporary slipperiness can occur. There is also a danger of local ice patches on Monday night and Tuesday morning.

The Roads and Traffic Agency also warns due to slipperiness, and says that the spreading services are ready and spread “where and when necessary”.

The coming evening and night it will remain changeable with winter showers that gradually decrease in number and intensity. It often gets dry over the west of the country and near the French border. Towards the end of the night, an active rainfall zone moves over the northeast and east of the country, which means that more and more intense showers can certainly occur there again. Some extra snow falls in the Ardennes, which means that the snow layer in the High Fens thickens even further.

Tomorrow morning a fairly active disturbance with winter precipitation will leave our country via the east. Then it becomes changeable with showers of rain or grain hail, and on the Ardennes heights of snow. In the west and the regions along the French border it is often dry with more clearings. It remains cold for the time of year with maximums from 0 degrees in the High Ardennes to 7 degrees on the west. At first a moderate to fairly strong northwest wind blows up to 60 km / h, at sea the wind is sometimes strong with peaks of up to 70 km / h. In the course of the afternoon the wind decreases.

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