In pictures- After her divorce from Ahmed El-Fishawy, Nadia El-Kamel in a sexy dress and announces a new love!

I was shockedNadia Al KamelFollowers of a new photo of her, which she posted on her personal account on the social networking site.
Al-Kamel appeared in the picture, wearing a black dress, as if she was trying to take off the dress in a controversial way.
Nadia commented on the post, saying: “You have everything that excites me.” This sentence sparked controversy among the followers, as the pioneers of the communication sites circulated Nadia’s picture on their private pages through social networking sites, considering that she was preparing to establish a new emotional relationship with someone.
It is reported that Nadia’s ex-actor Ahmed El-Fishawy previously published a set of photos on his personal account on the social networking site, without leaving any comment regarding his separation from Al-Kamel.

The most expensive divorce in Egypt?! Nadia Al-Kamel gets a fortune after her separation from Ahmed El-Fishawy

Some sources mentioned that Nadia Al-Kamel’s divorce from Egyptian actor Ahmed Al-Fishawy, after a marriage that lasted for several years, may be the most expensive in Egypt, as Nadia received her full financial dues from her ex-husband. Her back was estimated at millions of pounds, which will ensure her a good life without feeling any financial pressure. All these developments took place just days after Nadia Al-Kamel announced her separation from her husband, Egyptian actor Ahmed El-Fishawy, on social media.

Separation burns the red carpet kisses.. Ahmed El-Fishawy is in the crosshairs, and did he ignore his mother’s health in this way?

The exchange of kisses on the red carpet between Egyptian actor Ahmed El-Fishawy and his ex-wife, Nadia El-Kamel, did not hide what was happening between them in secret, i.e. the breakdown of the relationship between the spouses. This collapse turned the pages of their marriage. The pioneers of social networking sites shared a picture of Ahmed El-Fishawy recently, showing his drunken celebration with a foreign woman. What he was most criticized for was the spread of this image, with his mother, retired actress Sumaya Al-Alfi, undergoing a thoracic surgery, after she was diagnosed with cancer.
In the event that the picture was recent, al-Fishawi wanted to prove that he lived in a state of happiness after his divorce from Nadia al-Kamel, thinking that the latter would not negatively affect his life after their separation, but the picture harmed him, and his message that he wanted to deliver to his ex-wife turned against him. But what if the photo was old and someone leaked it? At that time, all charges against Ahmed El-Fishawy are dropped, and he tramples on all criticism.


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