In pictures – France bid farewell to Jean-Paul Belmondo in an official and popular ceremony in the presence of Emmanuel Macron

Hundreds of people attended, led by the President of the RepublicEmmanuel MacronAnd his wife, Brigitte, who described the late actor as a “national treasure”, the farewell ceremony for the late French actor took placeJohn Bull BelmondoLast Thursday.
About 1,000 people were allowed to enter without a prior invitation, provided they present a health permit, among them a large number of artists who are Belmondo’s associates in theater and cinema.

Macron also gave a lament at this ceremony and said: “We love Belmondo because he looked like us, reminding of ‘six decades of French life’.”
The French president indicated that the actor took on a variety of roles, as “the policeman at one time, and the thug at other times, but he was always wonderful,” using the title of his movie “Le Magnifique” (wonderful), before addressing him, saying, “Goodbye, Pebel,” which is the name given to him. him lovingly.
“Dear Jean-Paul, losing you is like losing a part of our life,” Macron said in front of the actor’s coffin.

Among the attendees is the family of the deceased, and he has four children from two marriages and has 6 grandchildren, and his eldest daughter “Patricia” died in a fire accident in her apartment in 1994 and she was 40 years old, which is the wound that the actor always sought to hide, and the family stipulated that the officials be The farewell parade is popular so that after the official ceremony, people can take a last look at the actor they loved and loved. His ex-wife says that “Jean-Paul Belmondo” used to say: “I was not made by the critics, but by the audience.”

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His grandson Victor, who is a young actor, gave a short speech on behalf of the family, mentioning that his grandfather sought through his films to give happiness to people and represented him with the sun, which he said never extinguishes, as it sets in one place to shine in another.
Jean-Paul Belmondo was buried Friday at 11:00 (09:00 GMT) in the Church of Saint-Germain-des-Pres in Paris.
It is noteworthy that the decision to hold a national honoring ceremony is issued by the President of the Republic in agreement with the family of the deceased. Previously, this honor was limited to soldiers and some civilians who had a “resistive past or had a high rank in the Legion of Honor”.


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