The Syrian journalist, Muhammad Qassem Al-Sas, responded to the truth about what was spread on social media pages. He denied the news of the divorce of Syrian star Abbas Al-Nouri from his wife, writer Anoud Al-Khaled after a 31-year marriage period.

The journalist Muhammad Qasim explains the fact that Abbas Al-Nouri separated from Anoud Al-Khaled:

While Syrian media figure Muhammad Qassem Al-Sas said by posting a post on his official page on social media, he wrote, saying that regarding the divorce of Anoud Al-Khaled and Abbas Al-Nouri, it is considered incorrect.

He explained that the phone of the writer Anoud Al-Khaled was stolen, which enabled the thief to write the news of the separation between her and Abbas Al-Nouri, which caused confusion in the artistic community and on social networking sites.

The writer Anoud Al-Khaled is trying to restore her page on the social networking site Facebook, after it was closed after writing the news of her separation from Abbas Al-Nuri and she wrote #Other_Character #Anoud_Al Khaled.

She said he stole my mobile phone and I am now trying to restore my personal page on Facebook after the news of my separation from my husband, the artist # Abbas_Al-Nuri, was spread and then it was closed and she denied that separation.

Anoud Khaled is a Syrian author and writer, and she was born in 1962. She married her husband, the artist Abbas Al-Nuri, and gave birth to three children, Raneem, Mayar and Ribal.

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