In prison, a neighbor from Terrassa who wanted to kill Pedro Sánchez

Manuel Murillo, the son of the last Rubi's mayor, had always seen Pedro Sánchez as a " red shit "But the decision of the Spanish president to initiate proceedings to exhume Franco's body from the Valle de los Caídos was the drop that poured the glass: he thought he would have to kill the Spanish president." This was the goal. confessional of the nearby 63-year-old from Terrassa, which the Mossos arrested on September 19 with the possession of an arsenal of firearms, as reported yesterday by the newspaper Público and confirmed the same Catalan police. Two days after the arrest Murillo entered a temporary jail against Brians 2 accused of events that, for now, were not considered terrorism.

The inspector of Mossos Albert Oliva confirmed yesterday at a press conference that the detainee, a security guard with a weapons license and practitioner, had expressed in a "reiterated" way that he wanted to attack Sánchez and had "clear intention" to assassinate -la. "He said he was willing to sacrifice himself for Spain" and "did not give importance to being detained or going to prison", he said, assuring that the only thing that was missing was "logistical support".

These statements are what Murillo did in a small group of WhatsApp, where he asked for help to find out about the Spanish president's agenda. One of the members of the chat, Vox leader, as confirmed yesterday by the far-right party, was the one who alerted the Mossos, who began to investigate Murillo in collaboration with the National Police and the Guardia Civil. On the day of the arrest, they found a total of 16 short and long arms in their homes, including high-precision rifles. "There were regulations, but they were also banned because they were manipulated or because they did not have the right permission," Oliva said.

Murillo, who had no police documents, is accused of a conspiracy crime to try to challenge authority, one of illegal possession of weapons and one of hatred. The Mossos took the case to the Terrassa security guard, who sent the prisoner to prison. The precautionary measure was subsequently confirmed by the Court of Education No. 3 of the city of Vallesana, which now carries the case, and ratified by the Barcelona hearing after the accused has resorted to his imprisonment.

In this resource the defense of Murillo claimed that its manifestations "must be interpreted in the context of the political problem in Catalonia", referring to the Process. He also claimed that his client had a sick mother and sister who had to take care of him, although magistrate José Antonio Lagares solved, in the October 4 trial, that the evidence against the accused is "clear". that the possible sentence to several years in prison for the "seriousness" of the crimes accused "can encourage flight".

Despite this seriousness, however, neither Mossos nor the judges believe that there is a crime of terrorism and for this reason they did not transfer the case to the national hearing. This fact ignited yesterday's networks and separatist parties, Podemos and comun, from the confrontation with the cases of the member of the CDR Tamara Carrasco or that of the tweeters and raperos who have been accused of terrorists. He stressed yesterday that "the president's security was not compromised anyway" and questioned the issue by claiming that these threats are "constant".

Who was, however, the author of this alleged threat? Murillo was known in Rubí for his achievements as an athlete – he had been four times the 100 km route champion of Spain – and in Terrassa for his assiduity in the shooting club of the city, despite being – according to the club president – one "mediocre" shooter. He had no involvement in local politics or links to "any particular group", according to Mossos. Though Público I see that he has made frequent right-wing environments. Vox hastened yesterday to deny any "relationship" with him.

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