In River they laugh! Adidas presented Boca’s new shoes with an unforgivable mistake, didn’t you realize?

Since the beginning of this 2020, Boca had a radical change from what had been his image in previous years. An agreement was reached to change the brand that provided the apparel, leaving Nike behind to become part of the Adidas team. This not only meant a greater income for the club, but also a new line of products was created to further enhance the brand of the club. Xeneize.

Thus, in addition to the classic court clothing, different garments with blue and gold colors went on sale. In the last hours, the presentation of the Predator shoes, one of the most consumed on the market, with the shield of Boca and its colors. But in the official photo someone made a huge mistake that became a trend in the networks and for which all the fans of River they are laughing.

In the image you can see a leg that actually has shoes with the colors blue and gold, the model is wearing a pair of pants! River! This generated a great stir on social networks, after a Twitter user compared what was the presentation of the Millionaire’s clothing and that of Xeneize. Indeed, in both photos you can see red pants with white strips, as Núñez’s outfit usually uses.

This became an unforgivable mistake that many fans condemned. In the last weeks Boca He made several communication errors, although this time it was all Adidas’ fault for not noticing this situation. Several La Banda fans did nothing but mock this bankrupt, which generated even more anger in the Xeneize world. The truth is that nothing can be done anymore, since the images circulate on the internet.

From now on, the German brand will have to be more careful regarding the color scheme in a country where each failure is expensive and even more so in football with the two most important teams in Argentina involved. In Boca They made no official mention of this, although it would not be surprising if the leaders were somewhat unhappy with a situation that was highly preventable and unnecessary.

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