In Russia, Navalny and his associates are accused of creating an extremist society

Russia’s committee of inquiry has opened a new criminal case against opposition leader Alexei Navalny and several of his associates for setting up and running an extremist society.

The indictment states that the members of this group have systematically taken measures in violation of the law and discredited state authorities and their policies.

Ivan Zhdanov, one of Navalny’s contemporaries, believes that such accusations have several purposes: “Undoubtedly, they will continue to find various articles to keep Alexei Navalny in prison. The creation of an extremist society is a serious accusation that will help to achieve this task. The second aim is to intimidate anyone who had anything to do with the Anti-Corruption Fund and the Navalny headquarters so that they do not run out of the field at all and do nothing.

And finally, it is a response to the fact that we are still quite successful in doing what we did in the past: we continue to do research, we continue to have a political influence on elections, including through smart voting.

And undeniably, it offends them, and it’s a quick response to our actions. “


Kremlin opposition Navalny detained January at Moscow airport a moment after he had returned from Germany, where he was treated after poisoning by “Novičok”. A Russian court ruled that the suspended prison sentence imposed on Navalny in 2014 should be replaced by a real custodial sentence. His planned to be imprisoned until 2023. in the middle of the year. Navalny and his supporters believe the accusations are politically motivated.

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