In Russia, the developers of supersonic missiles are accused of treason

Three ITPM ​​scientists have already been detained in connection with accusations of treason. For such a crime in Russia, even life imprisonment can be sentenced, according to the independent Russian media “The Moscow Times”.

All the detained scientists were engaged in the development of supersonic aircraft.

On May 16, ITPM ​​announced the arrest of Valerij Zvegintsev in connection with accusations of treason. Zvegintsev is a doctor of sciences who created a large fast aerodynamics laboratory at the institute.

Zvegintsev has been under house arrest since April 7.

ITPM director and Zvegintsev’s immediate superior, Aleksandrs Šipluks, was detained already in August of last year and transferred to a solitary confinement cell in Moscow.

Shiplyuk was detained a few days after the arrest of Anatoly Maslov, the institute’s chief scientific officer. Šipluk and Maslov were also charged with treason.

The two scientists have been developing supersonic rockets for more than ten years.

Dictator Vladimir Putin publicly announced the creation of supersonic weapons in Russia in March 2018.

At that time, Putin presented the Russian-developed anti-ship missile “Zirkon”, the intercontinental ballistic missile “Avangard” and the supersonic missile “Kinzhal”.

At the beginning of May this year, the Ukrainian army announced for the first time that it managed to shoot down the occupying Kinzhal missile. This information was later confirmed by the Pentagon.

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2023-05-18 09:58:00

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