In Russia, the income of propagandist Margarita Simonian was made public

A regular participant in propaganda shows and the head of the Kremlin-controlled RT TV, she receives her income from two sources – the news agency “Rossija Segodnia” and the TV network RT. According to the “Možem objesnit” telegram channel, both official earnings are actually identical and their total amount is over 3 million. rubles.

During 2021 its declared income amounted to 41.5 million. rubles (about 555 thousand euros)

However, this is only official income and a “drop in the ocean” compared to the corruption schemes previously revealed by A. Navalny’s investigative team.

A study published in 2020 stated that Ms. Simonian and her husband, as well as TV personality Tigran Keosayan, together earned $720 million over three years. rubles (more than 9.6 million euros) by selling the production they create to state televisions at inflated prices.

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