In Slovakia, bears were shot, which had two cubs

“The intervention team assessed the behavior of the five-year-old bear as dangerous and posing a threat to local residents, cottagers and visitors,” said Kristína Bocková from the state nature conservation, adding that conservationists consider the shooting of problem bears to be the last resort.

The Slovak Minister of the Environment Ján Budaj (Ordinary People and Independent Personalities – OLaNO) is currently facing an opposition proposal to appeal precisely because of problems with bears. In the debate before the deputies, Budaj identified unsecured municipal waste and feeding of game as the main problem.

“If only the state forests in Poľana have 28 feeding grounds, why are we surprised that the bear has become accustomed to the natural diet and is teaching its young to it as well?” The minister asks. Budaj criticized the hunters feeding the animals for shooting trophy pieces.

The minister recently received a lot of ridicule when he described the brown bear as a vegetarian in a television discussion. “Bears don’t kill people, they are vegetarians,” Budaj told Markíza on television. In the case of bears, plant foods make up 90 percent of the diet, but they are certainly not vegetarians. Bears are omnivores.

According to the 2016 census of bears, 1,257 of them lived in Slovakia. Current numbers will be available this autumn. It is assumed that there has been a significant increase in the number of bears in Slovakia, as problems with bears are already being reported in the southern districts.

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