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In southern Bohemia, more and more Ukrainians are infected with coronavirus. They are a risky source, hygiene complains Home

České Budějovice / Česká Lípa Hygienists in southern Bohemia have seen an increase in cases of coronavirus infection in people from Ukraine in recent days. The last similar case was confirmed on Saturday, with a self-payer who had himself tested when he arrived in the Czech Republic. He will remain in domestic isolation in the Tábor region. Infected Ukrainians in the region has been increasing since June. The director of the South Bohemian hygienic station, Kvetoslava Kotrbová, said this on Saturday.

From July 9 to July 18, hygienists in the region recorded ten new cases of coronavirus, six of them in Ukrainians, adults and children.

“It simply came to our notice then. It’s concentrating now. We see that Ukrainians, as foreign workers, are clearly a risky source for southern Bohemia. “Ukrainian workers who work here go to visit Ukraine, for example, or there was no work, so they went to Ukraine, then there was work, they returned and were positive,” said Kotrbová.

The infection was detected in Ukrainians by South Bohemian hygienists in June. There is also an employee of the Vodňanská drůbež company from Ukraine, where covid-19 was diagnosed at the end of June.

The Nová Karolína tram stop in the center of Ostrava around 7 pm In ...

“We record cases of positivity of foreign workers and their family members. Therefore, I would like to draw the attention of South Bohemian employers to the obligation to require a negative test for covid-19 from foreign workers coming from selected EU countries and outside the EU. The test result must not be older than four days, “said Kotrbová.

In the south of Bohemia, tests in the past 24 hours showed one new case of coronavirus infection out of 114 tested samples. He was the man from Ukraine. On Friday, covid-19 was also demonstrated in a Ukrainian who was already quarantined due to contact with a previously positively tested person.

The cumulative number of patients in southern Bohemia is 215, cured 193, positive 16 people. Of the 16 active cases of covid-19, six are in the Jindřichův Hradec region, four in the Prachatice region, four in the Tábor region, and two in the Písek region.

From 20 July, visits to all aftercare departments will be banned at Jindřichův Hradec Hospital. The reason is that there are more cases of covid-19 in the district, which increases the risk of infection for vulnerable groups.

Also an infected Filipino in northern Bohemia

A covid-19 test was confirmed by a worker from a group of Filipinos who arrived in Česká Lípa on Wednesday. Not only he but all the other members of the group ended up in isolation, even though their tests were negative. The hygienists also ordered a two-week quarantine of all other Filipino employees of the Českolip company Bombardier Transportation ČR. Kristýna Kňákal Brožová, a spokeswoman for the Českolipské City Hall, informed about it on Saturday.

“Food supplies are provided for these workers, they are instructed on how to behave in this situation. None of the 15 new employees were in contact with other Bombardier employees, “added a town hall spokeswoman. According to her, the city management is monitoring the situation and is in contact with the director of Bombardier, the regional hygienic station and the police. “The situation is under control and we believe that it will be managed as it was some time ago in Liberec,” the spokeswoman added.

The manufacturer of train sets Bombardier Transportation CR is one of the largest employers in the Českolipsko region with more than 1,400 employees. Almost a third of the workers are people from agencies, especially foreigners. In recent years, the company has been investing heavily in expanding production and recruiting new employees from abroad. According to information from the Commercial Register, it earned over 3.5 billion crowns last year.

Within the Liberec Region, Českolipsko is the best in terms of the numbers infected with the new coronavirus. Since the beginning of the pandemic, tests have shown infection in only 14 people, but four new cases have been added in the last week. None infected there has yet succumbed to complications associated with covid-19. According to data updated this morning by the Ministry of Health (MZCR), tests have so far revealed 344 infected people in the whole region, and 35 new cases have been added since last Friday. 94 people are currently being treated for the disease, 163 of them are in quarantine. Hygienists have so far ordered the testing of 12,363 people.


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