In Spain, the "stolen children" process is resuming after two months of suspension


Eduardo Vela is once again expected, on Tuesday 4 September, on the pier of Madrid in the case of " stolen children ", A scandal of the traffic of newborns under Franco's dictatorship.

The process of stolen children It only lasted two days. It was inaugurated on Tuesday 26 June in Madrid, but the accused Eduardo Vela, 85-year-old obstetrician, did not appear on the second and last day of the hearing due to " an episode of pain and vertigo In the night After more than two months of suspension, the case must resume and close on Tuesday 4 September.

History in Spain, this process must establish the responsibility of Eduardo Vela, the first person charged in the scandal of the trafficking of children under the dictatorship of Franco (1939-1975), which would have affected thousands of families. Pursued for " simulation of the child "" illegal adoption And also " forgery Take up to eleven years in prison.

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Ideological and therefore economic traffic

This scandal stolen children ", Denounced for the first time by the press in 1982, characterizes a vast traffic operated during the Franco period: decreed births dead at birth, the newborns were entrusted to adoptive families, without the knowledge of their parents.The first objective was ideological: punish the partisans of the Republic crushed by the general and accused of transmitting the " red gene Of Marxism

The traffic then spread to children born out of wedlock, in poor or very large families, already in the 1950s, adopted by infertile couples or close to the regime. national catholic "When Franco died, the traffic continued for several years for reasons that are no longer ideological but economic.

The San Ramon clinic, epicenter of a scandal

The traffic goes beyond the responsibility of Eduardo Vela. It appears before the court in Madrid thanks to the years of Inés Madrigal's struggle. Born in June 1969 in the San Ramon clinic in Madrid, where Dr. Eduardo Vela, was separated from his parents and given up for adoption by Ines Perez.

She was registered on the birth certificate as a biological daughter. In his testimony, the mother explained that she had simulated a pregnancy. She also had to see Dr. Vela for her daughter's medical problems, for fear that another doctor would examine her case.

Long held in the dark, Inés Madrigal learns her adoption at the age of 18 by her deceased adoptive mother. But it is in 2010, reading the press, that you make the connection with the traffic of stolen children "In an article, he discovers that his birth clinic, closed in 1982, was one of the largest neonatal smuggling centers of the years' 60 and '70, then a long procedural battle broke out to bring Eduardo Justice is sailing.

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Run against the clock

According to the associations, at least 2,000 complaints were filed for similar facts, but none were successful. For Inès, this process is therefore not just his: " It goes further, because now everyone knows that the children have been stolen in this country. "

The verdict could open the door for further convictions. But the associations remain pessimistic. Time passes and the protagonists disappear. The nun Maria Gomez Valbuena, often portrayed as the head of traffic in Madrid, died in 2013, before being tried.

Justine Benoit


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