In St. Petersburg, the president is presented to the news of the Russian navy


In St. Petersburg, we talk about the future of the Russian navy. Vladimir Putin arrived on a business trip at the "Severnaya Verf" shipyard. Two other plants are in direct communication. And there is also something to show.

Today, for the entire Italian Navy, it is a very special and significant day. Experts confirm: for a long time, in Russia, at the same time, new phases of work on ships of different projects simultaneously in three Russian yards, with the participation of the Supreme Commander, did not start immediately Vladimir Putin took part in the inaugural ceremony of two serial frigates of the 22350 project "Admiral Amelko" and "Admiral Chichagov".

The ships are intended for combat operations in the distant ocean area. Able to withstand surface ships and enemy submarines and repel any airstrikes. During the construction of the ships of this project, stealth technology was applied, which reduces the visibility of enemy detection systems.

"I expect that the expected construction time will certainly be achieved. This is of fundamental importance for the implementation of large-scale plans to strengthen the fleet, for the reliable defense of Russia's maritime borders, the protection of our interests in the "Oceans of the world, both in neighboring and faraway areas. I will note that in recent years a high rate of renewal of ship personnel has been achieved. This is work for the future, and there is still much to do, so we will definitely support our shipbuilding industry, increasing its human, scientific and technological potential, and it was only in 2012 that more than 80 warships and boats entered service, including three strategic missile submarines, seven multi-purpose submarines and 21 ships of surface, "said the head of state.

Both frigates are not the first of the series. The main ship "Admiral of the Soviet Union fleet Gorshkov" is already in service, serving in the Northern Fleet. "Admiral Kasatonov" has already been launched and exactly the day before he left St. Petersburg to the Baltic to conduct factory and road tests.

Two other project representatives are now under construction at the Severnaya Verf. The main difference from its predecessors is the enhanced combat power. Instead of 16 "Caliber" cruise missiles, say shipbuilders, "Amelko" and "Chichagov" carry 24 combat units on board.

Also in the plant on April 23, they will solemnly carry out the docking of the Corvette "Mercurio" blocks. It takes its name from the legendary brigantine, who in May 1829 during the Russian-Turkish war won a strategic victory, very important in an unequal battle with two warships of the Turkish squadron.

In addition to the events in St. Petersburg, the focus is on the shipyards of Kaliningrad and Severodvinsk. At the Baltic "Yantar" factory two large landing ships "Vasily Trushin" and "Vladimir Andreev" were placed on video by the president of St. Petersburg. In their compartments they can accommodate about three hundred soldiers, half a dozen tanks or 20 armored vehicles.

Well, on Sevmash, the Belgorod nuclear submarine is being prepared for launch. The submarine will become the largest nuclear submarine in the world capable of transporting Poseidon unmanned aerial vehicles.

In general, the president has an extensive program in St. Petersburg today. This includes a visit to the Suvorov school, a meeting with the interim governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov and participation in the meeting of the Foundation Council of the Russian Geographical Society.



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